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[ Suggestion ] - How to remove the Language Barrier

By Reg3e - MEMBER - September 15, 2018, 13:12:42

It's niche, it has never been done. It doesn't have to be perfect, but it'll definitely bring different communities closer into a single body of Wakfu players.

  • Implement auto-translate into game client. Allowing users to have the option of setting their preferred language, then it'll auto translate everything in chat to his / her preferred language. It doesn't have to be a perfect translation, just enough to be understandable. Beta server will be a good place to test this out.
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Knowing the Google-translate result monstrosities, I would prefer not. Specially if translating class names to Polish.

LOL! Close enough.
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That, or have common phrases/words already in a menu of sorts for , and shows up for the chosen language on other clients.

May not be the ultimate fix, but seeing it in many other games, it works in a pinch.

It would take a lot of work to translate for each language, or to implement a decent translator, which might be a pain for the devs, though... so this sort of thing probably won't be considered until it starts becoming a major issue, which I don't see taking priority, at present/soon.

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No, we need diversity of languages in wakfu remington. Where else am I suppose to learn how to say so many colorful filthy things in Italian.

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I have to admit my play in REM is completely solo, as I am unable to communicate with a LOT of the players I encounter. Nothing worse than doing a dungeon and being unable to take directions from another player (Hoe was I to KNOW he was shouting 'Np, don't kill me'??). Languages also seem to lead to a certain amount of clannishness, but what're you going to do, eh?

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I was under the impression servers had an official language, so there wouldn't be any language barrier.

Like you can't run for office on a French server if you don't speak French.

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1. most time auto-translate will produce result that is not actually what speaker talking about
2. integrating this feature will take resource that can use on bugfixing and content creation
and you know wakfu dev team isn't big like dofus's team

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