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For when a new server Mono-account? I'm indifferent if it's international

By dagazzi - MEMBER - September 11, 2018, 15:27:21

Hello everyone.

Someone knows when a new mono-account server is going to come out? I say this because in dofus has come out, and in this game I see something obligatory and primordial because it's like you're playing alone all the time, it's like it's an offline game, it's a shame. 

People don't related because the large majority use multi-accounts (and, or) use heroes, It doesn't matter if there is more or less population because those who are or enter by not seeing people to do things together. sooner or later they will become multi-accounts or leave the game, and that directly kills an online game. where the objective is to connect with people, do things together, help each other, talk, advise, etc.

I am a person that when I play an online game if I see that I like it I spend a lot of money on it, but today this game is as if it were offline and I see absurd to play and pay a game where you see yourself alone

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As far as I know, there won't be. XD 

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I just think there is no need for that, you seem to be generalizing people when it comes to hero subs and such not everybody who does heroes are hardcore, in fact those who play 2 to 3 chars prefer to have (capable) party mates, I play on a nearly dead server and haven't subbed, yet doing well, it all matters on how you communicate with people. 

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The problem is that the population is not even high enough for so many multi acount servers, so they are planning to merge Phaeris and Nox with Remington, so making a new server for just a small part of the population seems counterproductive

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Or maybe more people would come back that wouldn't come back for a multi account server? Look at Dofus, it brought many who wouldn't normally come back.

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