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un cap sidekicks?

By Icetiger-of-Darkness - MEMBER - August 10, 2018, 12:52:58

I'll play wakfu for some time and was bringing up 4 chars to over lvl 110 without
booster and a 5th char with booster. And i had the idea before but after playing
witch booster even more.

Right now Sidekicks are lvl limited to the Char lvl but plz common i lvl'ed 1,2,3 even 4
chars (without booster) and each time it was like a reset!

The equip i had on my side kick didn't work (my new char was like lvl 20 but my
SK had lvl 100 equip) even worse if i unequip the SK with my low lvl char i can't
reequip the stuff to the SK since "lvl requirements not met".

So right now my propose is to uncap all SK's because if i already lvl'ed my SK
to lvl 130 why not let me use it to "power lvl" a new char?

It's not unfair to booster players:
  * Hero or God Booster can "power lvl" with heros
  * Adventure, Hero and God booster get x2 or x3 exp
so even if the SK are uncaped for every body i get only x1 exp as a freeloader
and booster player (not important with booster) get the 2x or 3x exp bonus

So with uncaped SK's **we** likely(?) would have more players trying a other char
instead of dropping the game since trying a new char without booster is to much work

edit Spelling: changed a "but" to a "so" in the last paragraph

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Really wish Ankama would do this! Even if you have Booster you can't use your SK's well cause they don't have equipment pages....

And I would definitely prefer to buy equipment pages for a sidekick than a hero.

Score : 388

i even was not thinking about equip pages just so you can use your equiped SK with a lower lvl char

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what bothers me more, is that sidekicks are the same, but only in the same server. I was offered a sidekick by a friend in Aerafal, there I have level 100 sidekicks, and when I left AER for Remington I had a new "team" of sidekicks, level 1, and of course the unlocked sidekick in AER isn't unlocked there

Score : 14166

I see the problem there, but any new char would likely be carried by the sidekicks. It would be like having the sidekicks doing all the job and the char doing nothing. However, it's annoying when the level cap negates the equipment you have on them, specially if it's just a few levels difference and it uses those annoying automatic stats (Healing mastery on the Astrub Knight for the win tongue). Not to mention that you can't re-equip them if you take a piece of equipment with a lower level char.

So, I side with the no-cap sidekicks suggestion.

Score : 388

you are right ppl would use use the side kick to carrier there new char similar like hero booster player carrier there new char but there is my point this game has 18 or so different classes and as a hero booster player i can easy try them out maybe drop them if i don't like the class but without booster it's all the time a reset from zero.
And i can see a lot of ppl wanting a change in game play but the burden is so high they rather drop the game as starting from zero again.
Ok Astrub might go a bit more empty but i think the mid lvl range would be more populated instead.

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