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How the rogue rework should have been done, an opinion plus design document.

By lithiz - MEMBER - June 26, 2018, 23:01:51

Hello everyone.

I am a rogue as upset as everyone with this rework, but since I also love game design I decided to do this document to try to change the actual rogue and give my personal touch to it.

My principal aims were to make bombs completely optional to the rogue, reinforce the critical strike fantasy and suppress the actual problem of rogue not being viable until third turn. 

(It is not stated in the document since I didn't want to put numbers, but since the passive that augmented the damage of the rogue via firewall is gone all the damages should be mildly or sightly augmented.)


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Awesome man. You took your time to do this. I have similar ideas but atm dont have time to organize like you did.

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I like a couple of things.(I'm not too sure about the ap values) but fire branch is nice.
Earth branch is cool especially pulsar. I think Crossfire is mediocre though, in of it  self. Cross fire is a niche ability. It should have a stronger effect simply for carrying it in your deck. Bounce back is putting a hat on a hat. Like making a difficult spell extra difficult to use. Doesn't make much sense. Keeping it simple we could just give Crossfire a simple effect but powerful effect. 
An Idea off the top of my head would be an effect called "Blind spot" turns the target direction and increases damage from the side by 10% or Rogue deals additional damage from the side.

Also do not like any Air branches that limit slapshot to 1 range. Doesn't make sense. A distance passive is a great idea though, In essence they don't need to give us range. Just enable the idea to use certain abilities at range like Slapshot. to encourage builds.

Edit: I do like the idea of old boombot better than new one. I never really wanted massive amount of positioning power for one turn. Old boombot would solve a lot of new Rogues problems.

Also BIG NOPE on vitality. Bad recipe for this type of class.  Can you imagine if Sram had this passive? Would not only be useless, it would look silly. In general, I think we could use high dodge and benefit from playing tricky. Like gaining more mp from debuffing any enemy. So perhaps -mp steal would be better. Ideally, rogue would be at their best when the enemy has low range and mp. Bombs can be breakable but it shouldn't hinder our entire output. I think having bombs as the means in which we steal their resources has some merit, 

This design is really stacked for defensive capabilities for a damage class. Why? Keep it simple and just having more ways to keep the enemy at bay than regenerating and staying alive? I mean we're not Cras in the sense we keep enemies far away. But I like the idea that we could potentially consistently out run the enemy. 

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