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Team Search, how to make it Better

By TheFinalxBlue - MEMBER - June 13, 2018, 17:15:45

Ladies and gentleman welcome to to my idea/suggestion about team/dungeon search

Now team search is one of the most useless things we have in Wakfu which is why I'm going to talk about it
I'm not going to only suggest, I will also show you guys how I want this to be(prepare to get blind cuz of my "GOOD" Editing skills......end me pls)

Let's start:

1st- The Button
Who click on it? 79% of players in wakfu doesn't care about it, it's Completely useless
The button should be removed and merge it with the enter button

The reason why I want this to be removed is because Like I said it's useless....not a lot of players click on it
and also to make it easier
This one will lead us to the 2nd one(I guess)

2nd- Desgin
This has to be the hardest one ever because there's going to be 2 designs
1- Team Search
2- Dungeon Search

First I'll start with the main one, Team Search
Team search: team search is a tab where you can Sign/Search for any Dungeon

Monsters/Bosses Picture: it's a way to find things easier

Select members: you can see that I moved it to the right side of this tab

Description: this feature must be added to this team search, it helps you type what class do you want, what lvl, what language, etc.
to see the player's description all you have to do is hover/ your mouse to his Character or click on it
Allow to PM(ATP): why you added this? "of course players have to pm players so they can invite them REEEEEEE"….Hold your hands first of all, the reason why I added this is because there's a new notification thing that I'm going to talk about it later

Players who want to join the dungeon: whoever signed his character to a dungeon or more than one dungeon, the game will show his character in the list
it will not show you the character if he/she: Doing a dungeon(Without ATJ), Offline, Fighting the boss stage.

and now we're going to talk about Dungeon Search
Dungeon Search: next to the Enter tab you'll see the dungeon search, it's a tab where you can quick sign to this dungeon and to check if there's players who want to join(WTJ) or who are running it atm.

Allow to Join(ATJ): When a player signed to this dungeon and he already ran it....a player can ask him for an invite if he's still there, however ATJ will prevent you from doing ALS Dungeons, you cannot join the player if he done all the stages except boss stage(Whispers Dungeon doesn't apply to this)

Last but not least we have the notifications:
Imagine you're busy, minding your own business and suddenly out of no where a invitation blocks you....This is why ankama should change it to a small box telling you that there's someone want to invite you to the group to run a dungeon, instead of something that blocks you

And this is what I want.

this is just a suggestion that I want to share with you guys.
I want you guys to Give me your opinions, and if you have something that you think it's better than mine Then tell me please.

YES, Ankama can do even more better than My trash
and YES, these aren't Good pictures(Lazy to be creative...)

ask me and I might answer you
Hope you guys have a good day....
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