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We need more storage space ! - You're opinion regarding that matter

By Hundeknecht - MEMBER - June 12, 2018, 19:01:12

Heyho dear wakfu community,

I wanna open this threat for ideas and opinions revolving that topic.

In the current state of wakfu storage is kinda limited with only a few options to expand how much items you can store on a single character ( excluding the account chest and using multiple chest of any given alt because it tends to be very inconvenient ).

The maximum a character can carry are 220 slots of items. Considering the huge amount of items there are, this tends to be a joke in my opinion at least.

My idea to solve that issue are drawers or chests that are placeable in your heavenbag which aren't bound to a maximum number of slots and quantity, but allow you to store a specific category of item.

for example something like this :

Ressource-Greedochest : Allows the storage of monster drops and farmable ressources 
Profession-Greedochest : Allows the storage of crafted materials, consumables, seeds and so on
Equipment-Greedochest : Allows the storage of equipment, pets and mounts.

Considering the convenience they provide, I would tag a pricetag of 10.000 ogrines each. 


or at least craftable furniture to store stuff ( just spoke to a guildie who suggested people store stuff with display caises )

that being said why can't we but stuff in drawers or cupboards anyways biggrin


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Before the adventurer bag i would agree with you. I even spammed every thread on the theme XD. 
But after they come up with it i am pretty ok with the inventory situation and thats from a huge hoarder.
The way i make money is from making legendary items for 3 tiers (125, 140, 155 i really love als-ing in these so one thing led to the other but thats not the point) and i have TONS of mats for these 3 (including items that i dont even think of upgrading unless it turns out that i have the mats) there are at least 5 monster families for lvl 140 alone + ores + shiny resources + powders + plants .... you get the idea. And these are just my money makers ... there are also stuff for my lvl crafts and mats and other junk and yet i only need 10 mins per week to clear my inventory when it gets  waaay too messy and i cant find something.
Inventory management is part of every RPG game and here we actually have quite a bit ways to go around the problem.
-if you use sub you get also acc chest which aint a bad space.
-you have your char chest
-With heroes and a little management there is 5x220 inventory that is really easy to use. You can open 3 chars inventory at the same time + acc chest + char chest.
- I personally use sidekicks to store my als gear and dummies for cool sets to show off XD
-And last but not least ... you can make as many chars as you want. With sadida bags you dont even need that much more heroes for hording mats.

Before the adventurer bag and sadida bag i was using 3 more accs for storage only. Now i only have 3 separate chars that i open once per 1-2 weeks or if someone need something that is in storage there (for example mob drops for lvl 60 i really dont throw anything XD) 

In conclusion: If they decided to give us more space it would be great i wont mind it but for me personally thats not really an issue anymore 

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Easy to say for a payment player. tongue

As for the topic itself, already suggested it back then. The only difference would be a the limited room part, that would be too broken if it were a bottomless chest.

And again, make them tradeable. (I should make this quote my signature.)

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Maybe they could add a Handyman master seal which can only be obtained once per char by reaching lvl 100 or 130 handyman. This could then be used to craft a master chest which can be placed in your HB and has x number of slots (perhaps 150-300). This would make it challenge to get rather than just being able to buy it.

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Are you sure you want to open a single inventory containing 300 different items at once? The normal inventory and glue-recipes were slow enough already. Smaller storage units/displays would keep being better in that sense.

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Duh... now where did I squirrel away my supply of purple-spotted, whatyoumaycallit roots??    wacko

Point being that a lot of time gets spent just scrolling through 220 personal inventory slots, never mind searching through haven-bag chest bays, account chest etc.    Without some enforced "organization", just adding more of the current type of haven bag chests might drive one borbat-crazy searching for stuff since what you need may be in ANY of the chest's bays.  tongue

I liked the way one could automatically sort all of the resources related to a profession into the "profession boxes"...  if a new type of haven-bag-profession-chest were created that acted like a complete set of profession boxes - i.e.  had bays labeled "Lumberjack/wood", "Lumberjack/cuttings", "Herbalist/seeds", "Herbalist/flowers", "Trapper/seeds", etc...  with the ability to just automatically dump everything one was carrying on their person in pockets or bags into the "haven-bag-profession-chest"  with the resulting bays automatically sorted like the profession boxes were, it would be easier to come back later to just pick out the ingredients one needed for a craft.     The main difference between this new type of HB chest and say the adventurer boxes is that the chest would be located in the haven-bag, and automatically sort into profession-specific bays.

Of course we'd have to give the devil (Ankama) his due... the OP had a great idea, but I suspect it needs to be more "incremental" , not just one-time huge "greedochest", but something a player builds up over time.    I.e. a whole new class of "Ikeakits" to unlock the various bays, and maybe "expansion-Ikeakits" to increase the capacity of the bays.   An "expansion-Ikeakit"  would simply "add XX slots" to whatever bay one applied it to in either the old style haven-bag-chest or the new "profession" type.   Being able to obtain either type of "Ikeakit" through purchase in  the ogrines shop, OR by suitable grind, crafting them of course.   tongue

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TheRogueCat|2018-06-13 05:46:34
Easy to say for a payment player. tongue

True but the one started the thread is also a paying one wink
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Thats why the need for incremental  "Ikeakit" type structure - can be obtained either via pay-2-play purchase for ogrines, OR  free-2-players can either grind out crafted "Ikeakits" themselves or trade with handyman crafters for them.

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Would be nice if they add new itakis for chest, new recepie for bigger bags like 40-50 slot ones and everything would be nice and gucci

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This would also be really nice, the highest level craftable bag so far is the infected sack which only uses zombie wabbit materials (around lvl 130 mobs) new ones for the xelor/moon/zinit tiers would be awesome.

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I wonder if they already had plans on releasing more ikiakits, seeing as theres an extra 22 unused slots in the largest ikiakits.

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Tbh I think they just copy code from guild chest or something to make bag chest.
But yea im sure that wouldnt be hard to make this dead slots usable.

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It also makes als content a real hassle to think about. De-cluttering after doing a few lower lvl dungeons is a huge pain

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