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Character Shift

By 1vent - MEMBER - May 15, 2018, 23:04:30

Here's something nice that I know will NEVER happen. I have a character on NOX who has the perfect haven bag. Neat arrangement of the loot, a fairly extensive garden. Problem is that I'm neglecting this one to build my chief character. There's just too much stuff to sell it off in less than a month.

It'd be nice if you could shift a character over to take up the former's place and existing possessions. Then you could delete the stagnant character without losing everything.

Yeah, I know. Let's file that with World Peace and the perfect pizza recipe.

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Point 1: (Basically) All pizza recipes are perfect...

Point 2: Is something gonna happen in one month?? Completely "transfering" one char's possesion to another takes a bit of time, but it is usually not that hard if you got an alt-account or a decent friend. And the neglected char has probably no achievements or unlocks that the main one does not have...
Or what is the part that gives you aheadache??

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Last I counted, I had 300 items, some dupes stored in extra chest 'pages'. Guess I'm a hoarder. I need to get a dozen bowmeows and save newspapers. Only Astrub doesn't have a 'paper.

On Point 1...ever had someone surprise you with sushi pizza as a surprise? Not...good. Not at all...

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