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Character Creation Options & Spell Tier System ( Imaginary )

By iamnotthere - MEMBER - May 15, 2018, 05:30:29

Firstly, about that article, things can be confusing because of my english so im apologize about that.

  - Character Creation Options -
in game costumes and items looks good enought but i really like to do some specialization  for basic look for my character. 
         What i mean : all xelors, pandawas, cras etc. look same. For an options there is only color changes. But we can see different types of classes ( maybe races ) in Wakfu tv series. 
   For an example : ( continuation of the article have some spoilers about Wakfu tv series )
Xelor : Count Harebourg has a nice looking and different from classic xelor look ( like nox different too ) 
Enutrof : Ruel is an old Enutrof but that not mean all Enutrofs are old, for an example Alibert ( i know you can change hair color so enutrofs not seems old but they are still bald )
Iop : Beard is looks cool for iops like goultard ( its just a so simple example ) 
Osamodas : Osamodas demigod looks pretty good for alternative 
Eliotropes : Maybe they can grown up as a option
For short, as a  gamer everyone's want their character's base type look more special because spend lots of time with that. I wish i could explain things more detailed but for now its all i can do

  - Spell Tier System -
i will cut that short but if developers interest this idea ( surely they do things better than me but.. ) i can explain that more. 
So, as a start i categorized spell as a 3 tier, tier 1 is between 0-100 level spells, tier 2 is between 101-170, tier 3 is between 171-200. So what is that tier system ; its like a animation upgrade for spells. 
Tier 1 : More simple animations ( low level low power, adventurer start his/her way, explore powers ) Maybe even more simple gameplay not so much combo 
Tier 2 : Things get more bright and combos, complicated traits comes
Tier 3 : Complicated, catchy animations, player should feel that spell in his mouse or keyboard and gameplay become more professional. 
Why i think about that, because there is long way to walk become 200, so late game must be more precious pvp and pve should start at near max level, about animation it isnt be amazing your spell has new animations when you getting stronger ? ( Rogues can use Remington's shushu pistols, Goulthard sword and ''Head'' technique, some Nox touch for xelors and finaly Eliotrops really needs a change and become more similar to lore etc ) There is a lot of things i want to share but its enough for now. 

 Thanks for reading my humbly ideas !

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- Character Creation Options -
they start implement more cosmetic option with new class like Ouginak, but still base model for hero is thesame for all class

- Spell Tier System -
just 1 animation for 1 spell for me will be great enough now for skill set on Osa i have 3-4 wink

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That spell system is like a upgrade job system from other mmo concept i suppose? So within phase 1 have 1 set of spell then "upgrade class to phase 2" to unlock/gain more spell? like that? That is indeed cool idea, but looking at how this game is coded as it is now, that will be hard to implement(?). And it will produce more bugs imo :v

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No, he just means the spells would get diferent animations as they get stronger.

Honestly, they should just add critical hit animations to all spells, not just for Sadida's bramble

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