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I dont know Staff even look at this section - Rolling back Inappropriate Enutrof 1.59 Changes.

By SterlingW - MEMBER - May 10, 2018, 22:08:39

After reviewing numbers of feedback regarding Enutrof "A Treasure Hunter focused" class. This 1.59 changes to this class was inappropriate and it does take away the main focus on this class which hunting items (Treasure Hunter)

Enutrof new changes took away true meaning of this class, and pretty made a damage focus class.

Prospecting system should also be improved, not reduced. This system allow more members to enjoy fun from getting items and keep fun. But now what the heck is going with the new system.

It best to rollback the 1.59 changes for this Enutrof.

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I mean I like current Enu over the most recent blunder they made, so I would say you should take what you get, the most recent iteration prior to this was a hot mess. 

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Well, just questionable the Prospecting system still working or not? Else this class is just same as normal dps tanker with a good -res% spell only?

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I think enu is amazing at this point. You got tool set to be meta in any team comp, still gettig extra stuff from pouches(dropped few stele items in them already) so i rly dont know what r u complaining about  previous enu was waaay worse.

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I would be happy if they bring back enu to cave men age. Their -res scared me lol. Joke aside I think  Enu got pretty decent now for skill wise but sacrificing a bit the loot speciality mechanic sadly.

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Damage wise Enu is much more better now, the pouching seems fair. 

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New enutrof is perfectly fine, specially if you compared to the previous disaster that was the first mine focused rework.

I think Ankama should just remove Prospecting stat altogether from the game and improve all drop chances by 100~200%.

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If anything should be reviewed, it should be the Drheller
outside of the first turn it barely does anything
either remove the CD on its Mine mover cooldown or make it so you're able to summon more than one

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For returning the partially stolen role of treasure hunter, I would ask for:
1- Removing that limitation of Debt spell being unable to be casted 2 times on the same target in the same turn. Back then you could loot several pouches in the very same turn without any other restriction than the AP costs, and it was way better for treasure hunting.
2- Make the looted pouches use Prospecting as they used to do back then. Extra drops are intended to speed up the item hoarding process, but little point if you have to wait double the time to get less than double the items (*cough* candies *cough*).

The role of the treasure hunter has suffered too much:
1- Pouches are randomly given to anyone in the party making it better to solo to get materials/candies (unless for guild parties and such).
2- The pouching method is too slow to be worth it (that is, if the target survives more than one turn).
3- The natural Prospecting from the Enutrof has been nerfed an extra -50 (even if he can get +90 just with his own skills). This point is a bit of a neutral one, due to keeping adventage over other classes, let's be fair.
4- And the items looted with pouches are unaffected by Prospecting. This favours getting the candies, but hinders moderatedly for the rest of items.

So, 3/4 reasons for relaying more on normal drops rather than on pouched items (again, sole exception possibly for boss looting and/or with very high stasis), not counting the confiscated items handicap. But a rollback would be excessive, it just needs a bit more of polishing.

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There are a few things, that could be improved.

1. something DECENT Prospecting related. That consumable stat is kinda annoying. You hesitate to use it cause it could be tricky to get a new one before the end of the fight, but there is no benefit to ACTUALLY use it, besides being able to cast your most powerful spells...
 (They are still labelled: "Treasure Hunters" in your own wiki)

2. those weird -ap/-mp extras on JUST TWO spells, if it is not meant to be an actual mechanic, just kick it. Maybe give us something worthwhile instead: a heavy damage extra like the older Refinement

3. The Drheller is truly pitiful..... he should be able to spread mines WAY better or have any other meaningful raison d'être

But i would take THIS iteration ANY time of the week about the previous one....that one was just .... abhorrent... *shudder*

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