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Defender Set

By MrSlayer123 - MEMBER - May 01, 2018, 16:31:38

So, any word on when this is getting balanced (or removed) ?

There is no mastery penalty at all for using it meaning any class that has sustain HAS an advantage over other classes, and any TANKY class can reach 4k mastery without issues while keeping 80%+ res.

And no, do not point me to leaving feedback in the Beta section as after the last 3 years of playing this game it's more than obvious at this point that international community has no say in any changes.

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It is obviouns that few classes get the real advantage with pvp sets including defender’s one.
From my experience, normally it is hard to reach more than 2.5-2.6k mastery(without berserk mastery)with tanker-type classes.
On the other hand, characters which have more than that 3k-4k shouldn’t have much resist amount.
Good game has balance between tank ability, damage, mobility, map controling and etc.
This is a basic rule of RPGgame that every good game has.
However, with pvp sets, the rule would be totally broken.
There’s no actual panalty for having extra +50, +75, +100 resist.
And it means the very classes which have far more sustain ability than other ones only have a good time.
I call these, broken classes or no brain classes, which means they easily win versus others without strategy because they have supreme stats while loosing nothing with using pvp sets.

Defender’s set gives superiority to critical or heal ability based characters.
We all know that there are some classes have free critical chance and free condition 300-400 mastery.
Moreover, those broken classes have also conditional ability while others have only one of conditional or not.

In lv 200, OP/broken classes can do this with pvp sets at the same time.
+60~70% critical chance
+more than 80% resist
+more than 3.2k mastery(if crit, 4k or more)
+heal ability(more than 3k per turn / if focus on heal, more than 6k healing)
+armor spamming ability(no armor resist)
(+almost double damage with summon’s power)
(They even do damage more than half of 80-83% resist character’s HP)


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How do you go about getting the defenders set? where is it purchased?

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