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Make the Character stay inside dungeon when disconnected. Especially high stasis runs!

By emelance - MEMBER - April 14, 2018, 16:04:08

I was doing a stasis 20 run on Lenald Dungeon, on the 3rd or 2nd room before I can start a fight, i suddenly get a black screen which forced me to logout! So when I came back and Hola!! im outside the dungeon, and i have been doing this thrice already, this is getting ridiculous!  Doing it over and over agaian! 

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Well, I don´t know how it is with others, but if I get disconnected from the game and relog, I am usually still inside the dungeon, and I am not even kicked out of my group. Maybe it has to do with how fast you relog again.

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When I got a "normal" disconnections, which doesn't count when it's my internet provider who has problems, when I try to log in back, it says [error: the account is already in use!] and forces me to write my password again to finally connect. Guess on which side of the door I am?
So yeah. idk, maybe they technically can't do anything to that, but if they can, it would be nice.

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You should thank ankama and give them all ur origines cuz u managed to log in, didnt end up with eternal spin for 2 days x)

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Sometimes the game disconnects me when taking a quick break (~5mins) inside the dungeon. When I relog I'm outside.

I mean.. this doesnt happen anymore maybe because whenever I take a break I keep coming back to move my char, but that's very annoying. I can't believe it's so hard to keep the instance alive for some minutes for whatever reason it made you disconnect.

PoE is a good example to follow. You can enter in an instance and it will be online for some time. If you leave, whenever you try to re-enter the game asks you if you want to rejoin the instance you left or create a new one.

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getting disconnected at tower is very bad too since you can go inside once per day unless you want to pay. and I get disconnected a lot there.

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