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More Relic and Epic Runes.

By SneakyTenten - MEMBER - March 26, 2018, 21:28:13

As title says. 

I think we shuld have more runes to choose from, some of them are extreamly good for meele characters like sac and iop, some are okay. 

but lets talk about this..
As a Cra i noticed not a single rune was usefull i was planning to use the unraveling rune cos i was told it was a crit relic rune but it really isnt.. it just converts my crit mastery into ele mastery. output same mastery.. 

So lets change some runes, add some runes so every single class can use atleast one?
We already have non crit and low crit runes. and block runes and heal runes.

What about runes for crit builds. range builds, summoner builds maybe?


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Unraveling is good if your class doesnt have 100% crit, it will also increase dmg on spells/effects that cant crit like feks cras poison.

But yea having more runes would make it more fun.

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There was a thread a while back about this too, not sure where it went they had good ideas on it.

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