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Ankama? About Those Pop-ups!

By 1vent - MEMBER - March 13, 2018, 22:51:38

Would it be an idea to either make the pop-ups that announce that you've won or lost a challenge smaller or put them at the top of the screen ala the Booster display? Time and again I've been attacking or defending myself in a fight and, just as I'm about to trigger my move, the popup appears, blocking any action until I can remove it. This is generally to inform me I have failed a challenge I did not bother with. Frustrated, I can easily make some uncoordinated move, such as obliterating one of my sidekicks as I try to reorient myself with the screen.

The unending laughter of my foes is starting to get just a wee tad on my nerves. TO say nothing of my wife's cackling in delight at the faces this evokes from me. I' pretty sure the vows didn't run towards "love, honor and endlessly amuse."

It's getting to the point that this has surpassed the odd bug as my number one frustration with the game.

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I agree with that. It's a pain!

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