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(Suggestion Idea) Adding promotional Items to TF2 related about wakfu hats and some weapons for each classes...

By marotomau - MEMBER - March 12, 2018, 17:47:57

Awarded for TF2 for purchasing items from wakfu store, for getting subscribed or buying a booster. (Only available for Steam users)
-Eliatrope's Barret (Lvl 1-100 all-class hat) (Unusual/Genuine/Strange/unique)
-Tristepin's hairtruffle (lvl 1-100 all-class hairstyle) (Unusual/Genuine/strange/unique)
-Rubilax (Lvl1-100 Spy's knife)
-The Evangelyne's Arc (Lvl 1-100 Evangelyne's Arc for sniper) (unique/strange/genuine)

Same as huntsman
Enemies will be turn into dust like phlogistinator does
-Eliacube (Lvl 1-100 All class Pyroland cosmetic) (Unique)
-The Six Eggs (Lvl 1-100 All class Pyroland cosmetic/ cosmetic six dofus)
-The Pocket Doll (Sadida doll) (Lvl 1-100 Cosmetic pocket doll for Sniper)
-Az (Lvl 1-100 Cosmetic Pet)
-Bamboo Blaster (Bamboo milk launcher) (Lvl 1-100 Rocket Launcher)
-On hit: The enemy will be wet into Mad Milk for 12 seconds
-Enemy gets 25% movement speed penalty on being hit.
-Causes minicrits on hitting a enemy wet into Mad Milk
-25% damage penalty.
No random Crits.
[left]-Black Crow's Sword (Lvl 1-100 Greatsword for demoman) (Same stats as eyelander)
-Zinit set (Lvl 1-100 Cosmetic Hat, Cape and Boots)
-Black Crow Set (Lvl 1-100 Cosmetic Helmet, Cape and Boots)

Also give your ideas... biggrin

So what you guys think?
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