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What's the situation with more character slots?

By JamesTofo - MEMBER - March 08, 2018, 21:28:07
Could we get more character slots so everyone can play everything? I love the classes in this game and want to be able to master all the classes and have fun playing them. We get more classes added to the game, but unless we make a new account, we have to either delete old characters or play on another server which isn't very fun. :/ I haven't seen any posts recently talking about this so I was wondering if the devs have any future plans for this. 
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I know this isnt the best, but is it that bad to use another account?

Interestingly enough you currently have only 3 chars in your account.. you not only havent filled the 5 free slots, I would also guess you havent bought the other paid slots.. and that's the main reason why you won't get more slots, because they want money for convenience services. (which is fair imo for a f2p game)
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I haven't added more char bc I wanted to know whats up with the char slots I'd like to have each class on one account so I can try different squads out and try their diff play styles but with the current system I'm limited D: 
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This slots limitation is pointless. Different accounts can't share sidekicks, thus making it an added setback for the cheapskate player if you have to level and equip them separatedly.

Now, about the extra slots. Why (again) to make them Ogrines-only? Make them tradeable, and increase their number. That way you'll still get the sales for those extra slots (with added sales), and they will be consumed by a larger playerbase. For convenience, it's better to have all chars in the same account rather than being: log out, swap to the other account, choose char, now log out and check the third account, etc. Once again, even if the extra slots are adquired with real cash, making them into a tradeable item would increase their demand, even if it's just for lazy asses who want to organizate it all in a single place.

From a database perspective, I don't think that having 5 chars would be any different to have 18 in the same account. It's all data, right? That limitation to 5 (to 8) chars is something obsolete in my opinion. And worse yet as more classes are added.
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Well I can say it's not a technical limitation:
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you transfer them from server to server they have prefix (Nox,Pha,Rem)
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