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Wakfu could use a Colosseum

By StCecet - MEMBER - February 13, 2018, 04:19:24

straightforward pvp 24/7 in a Colosseum and battlegrounds on the weekends. revamp ecaflipus to integrate glory orbs, merit, etc. 

Battlegrounds is exhausting everyone. I am literally tired of Battlegrounds. too much of anything is a bad thing I would say. I think everyone is tired at this point.

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Yes PLEASE. I want competitive 3v3 matchmaking in Wakfu so badly. 

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Score : 1174

a matchmaking system would be so awesome. but considering how small our community is I think just integrating at least merit into ecaflipus would be great. Our communities are so tiny that a matchmaking UI seems like a lot of work for too few participators.  

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Wakfu getting worse, not surprised, did they consult the playerbase before wasting their time making battlefields? Or did they just shove this into beta pretending they would listen to our suggestions?

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Score : 1174

Battlefields is actually kind of fun sometimes! Not all the time. It is certainly rough around the edges. But There were a few intense matches I was a part of that had my heart beating and to have that feeling happening in wakfu is awesome. I only ever get to feel like that on Dark Souls games to be honest lol

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