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[Suggestion] Anti-thieves - Linking Itens & Account Access restriction by region

By Warrerdragon - MEMBER - February 08, 2018, 15:49:18

I think it would be interesting to give the possible to the player choose if he want to link or not a item bought on the Shop / Boutique, that normally wouldn't be linked. This would reduct the steal action of the account's Thieves.

And another idea would be to make it possible for the owner of the account to restrict the countries of access. (for example: the user could choose that the access of his account in the game would be exclusive made from Canada and / or France).

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Its quite dodgy and annoying to change everytime u travel a lot, what we need is the authenticator to work everywhere...

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But if you have the option to use this or not,  you will have the option to increase the security of your account.
 If you travel a lot, you could to not activate it.

Yes, the authenticator is the best option, but If you have a decent cell-phone. If you don't have or lost it, you will be more exposed, and this suggestion can help in this times.

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