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Crashing Wave, fecammer and fecastopheles: The forgotten ones

By LuccaPelucca - MEMBER - February 07, 2018, 12:57:47

Good morning everyone:

I think that these spells have been forgotten, because their cost is high and they deserve a set-up.

Crushing wave could be a functional spell if only its cost was reduced:

From 6 PA to 5 PA without cost of PW.
Damage reduced from 161 to 115.
The bonus to zone damage remains the same.

I remember in the beta that this ability could be thrown at allies as an extremely powerful armor, winning AP when taking damage. That in my opinion was broken, that's why I think that the bonus that it grants continues as it is.

Fecammer requires a revision as it is very expensive and ineffective:

PA cost is maintained.
Damage remains.
Increase to 2 PM removed.

Fecastopheles was great, from the earth there were little demons causing massive damage, it deserves a useful improvement.

PA cost is maintained.
No PM cost.
Allow to be launched to allies.

Ankama has also clouded the power of area damage, reducing her damage by 20% on all spells, why? That created a reduction of the zone damage characters throughout the server, and it has still been so since its modfication years ago.
I honestly think that he must recover that damage.

I hope you like my suggestion.

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