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Invasion Quests Announcement

By Gimonfu - MEMBER - January 19, 2018, 15:49:52

Now that we will, soon, be able to start decent wars expand our nation's territory, a thought on Invasion quests.

They are the biggest and most "difficult" environmental quests there are. Expect for 1-2 lvl 200 chars in a lvl 50 area, you NEED a bunch of people to complete them.

In Astrub to get this number of people together, they are announced and reminded by the clan members NO MATTER in which part of the "island" you are.
These announcement happen on the other islands too ..... BUT that makes no sense, because no matter where on the island you are, you SEE the quest and the mobs...

So, my suggestion is:
The announcement should be broadcasted over ALL TERRITORIES OF THE NATION CURENTLY OWNING that specific island? (Like a remote region calling for help from the central government, because of bandits, disasters, etc).

Since the Quest can, apparently, only happen once per day and it NEEDS the collaboration of several people it would be a nice way to strengthen the cohesion between a nation's population and quest-hunters wouldn't have to wait/camp/live on the islands for weeks to finally get those last rare quests.

PS: I always assumed such a nation wide announcement was intended to happen, since only that would make sense for the islands. So this not happening might just be a bug, but who (only Ankama...) knows...

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how are we able to create an invasion to happen , i am currently doing the Kel Dewa quest and it requires the defeating of an invasion yet i have yet to see one on the lower slopes of zinit , please advise on how to acheive this

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The Invasion Quest is limited to 1 per day, If i remember it correctly its around 3am or 3pm server time. 

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I don't think Its once per day. Couple of months back I started clearing some low lvl quests and I`ve seen at least 2 invasions for 1 territory in span of several hours.

I suggested this before ... except the announcement being broadcasted in all territories (I am 100% behind this) there should be 1 more minor change.
In clan member menu there is a list with all possible env. quests for the territory and there should be a minor tab showing next 3-5 quests.

That way you can gather people to help you.

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Nice idea. Also good for hunting those last remaining Envi quests, for the achievements.

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Might be a good idea to have some way to limit the noize however, like the checkboxes in the chat window that allow you to choose what messages you receive... being able to selectively choose which nations invasion reports you get??    I.e. not just your own nation, but being able to eavesdrop on the others or at least to allied nations transmissions?   laugh

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