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More inclusive access to Haven Worlds

By Valvaliccia - MEMBER - December 05, 2017, 05:30:37

Haven worlds are so poorly managed that as a concept they themselves are stale and very un-inclusive.

Only a few haven worlds exist per area. There is only one world to put haven worlds in so the amount of guilds that can have one are very limited. The haven worlds aren't cycled and there's no upkeep fee one has to pay to keep their haven world (as of my last foray into haven worlds back when they first came out anyway) This was a shame as haven worlds were a really cool concept and it gave guilds a way to customize an area to their own liking, which was a pretty neat idea.

I think that they could add a HW entrance in each of the major outposts that links to a guild's personal Haven world and remove the worlds from each of the individual maps so that there isn't a persistent need for worlds to be placed on the map, and more can be generated if necessary through the same interest.

If this was done, and every guild could invest into a haven world, it would turn wherever the HW hub entrances were into a player-central location(similar to how astrub now functions) as players would be coming and going quite often.

Any thoughts?

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hmm i think that i hear it from Amakna when they speak about server merge central HW entrance. (or from 1 of players who speak on merge topic wink )

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I always thought HW being bound to an area on the map was silly, I mean the don't even inherit the planting restrictions of the area it's in, there's literally no effect from location other than accessibility.
I still think there should be some discentive to fighting mobs for leveling or drops inside a HW, because it has no ecosystem or CM wishes to respect

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+1 to this. It's a change I've wanted to see for a couple of years now, in pretty much the exact fashion stated here. 

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Yeah, Havenworlds have mostly been forgotten and ignored by Ankama.
The NEEDED changes for the server merge MIGHT spark a few changes, but i would not hope for anything major or continously. Sadly, not Ankama's style...

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