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More cosmetic options in character creation

By Valvaliccia - MEMBER - December 04, 2017, 20:30:37
In most games, cosmetics and character related cosmetic items are generally the largest money-makers for free-to-play games. More hairstyles would be very well appreciated. Something similar to what the Ouginak's have, but with every character. Currently for most of the classes in the game there are less than 3-5 hairstyles per class, as well as only ~5 costume colors.

Perhaps in order to monetize it you can put the options into character creation and use ogrines to unlock the new hairstyles. I for one would pay for more of them.

Addition of a Barber Shop in towns or primary gathering locations (perhaps use some of those "In-construction" buildings in Astrub) to allow those who created their characters after additional cosmetic options were implemented to allow those characters to purchase and change their character aesthetics.
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In some games u also get exclusive dyes for armor colouring or ur hair or eyes, theres so much to expand on!
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Yes, please. <- Simple as that.
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