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Improved Inventory Sorting

By honeycitrustea - MEMBER - September 09, 2017, 05:25:58
First, a foreword. "This game sucks."
In a game that is highly crafting-centric, which requires many materials of all kinds of resources, inventory management should be drastically improved to help user friendliness. It's a pain looking at the cluttered mess in my inventory and having to locate items I need-- especially with the fact that all my characters have 3x 30 slot bags, and 2x 30 profession boxes (or larger, now with the 50 slot resource boxes.) The 'sort inventory' button sorts the inventory to some extent, but it is still INCREDIBLY messy. For example, take a glimpse at my inventories: 

It's such an eyesore. Gear drops like candy now, we have lots of glue, lots of mob drops and other miscellaneous items, lots of harvest materials and seeds. There's just waaaaay too much crap in our inventory, and there isn't proper inventory sorting. At least with the profession boxes, there was some form of nice organization, since it grouped all items from a profession together. But that type of organization doesn't extend to the rest of our inventory.

I'd like to suggest improved inventory management, for example, 
  1. Being able to assign what type of items go into which bags. Ex. Gear in bag 1, mob drops in bag 2, crafting resources in bag 3.
  2. A way to arrange the way bags are auto-sorted.
  3. The ability to change how items fill up bags. Currently bags auto fill from top left to right, but what if I want it to start filling from the bottom right corner?
  4. And most importantly, having a way to automatically trash certain garbo drops that we don't want. For example, running low stasis dungeons for a rare mob drop or something for a craft, and not wanting all the low level gear or mob drops. (That stuff floods your inventory fast!)

That's just a quick few off the top of my head, I'm sure there's plenty more ways to make inventory sorting simpler and more organized.
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Since this is a good suggestion, it will get either ignored or turned into a pay-to-get utility. So, yeah; the game does suck.

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