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You know what would be cool? Class's exclusive passives!

By Markzs#9189 - MEMBER - June 25, 2017, 05:00:04
Not ocupping any passives's slots
For example:
Eniripsas: when defeated from a battle, ressurrects on spot after 2 minutes (only inside dungeons)
This way Eniripsa could use KenKo to ressurrect its other party membres, since going to a phoenix and returning is very boring.

Enutrof: reduced market's tax
Even f people could create an Enutrof only for this, this wouldn't be big deal.

Osamodas: can change pet's appearence with other pets the Osamodas own
or: has an exclusive recipe to build Osamodas' powder in an easier way (idk)

Sadida: accelerate plants growth while nearby them (by 10% maybe)

Xelor: has 15 extra seconds to play during its turn

Iop: have 10% dealt damage while attacking with an weapon

Sacrier: has increased health regeneration while out of battle

Cra: has 30% increased damage dealt if didn't move for the last 3 turns
(I really don't know what would be cool for cras xD)

Eliotrope: can teleport to any known zaap from anywhere for free every 1 hour

Panda: can put a milk barrel on the floor while out of battle. Party members that click on the barrel will have increased health regeneration for a short time.

Foggernaut: (to be honest the passive effect from stasis spells is good enough I guess xD)

Sram: can turn invible for 5 seconds while out of combat (this could be useful when a revamp with PvP and Politics happen)
or: If the Sram starts the fight, every allied receive extra Initiative

Ecaflip: has a small chance to ignore a challenge failing on its own turn

Huppermage: increased elemental damage of 5% from equipment

Some of these are actives, but I'm sure you get the ideia: small fun or nice things to make each class even more exclusive.

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it's cool when you think like every class plays kinda the same (and they kinda do in some areas), but some passives feel like lackluster, for example the Enutrof, I'd gladly trade the tax reduction for Prospecting buffing for the whole team, it fits more the greedy treasure hunter archetype
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Core of the idea is nice and really fun, but your examples are preety much unbalanced. One of them have really big impact in tha fight other are utility/profesion bonuses. Even if Huppermage is not the best class now 5% more ele dmg from eq is a big deal. Iop passive is usless anyway, nobody uses Weapon and its not reletable with class mechanics.
I will argue with in fight bonuses, this is the best idea and for sure that will be unhealthy for the game. But things like Eniripsa, Enutrof, Panda, Sadi mb lil change and Sram, Eliatrop too. Something that dont make ppl cryin about how overpower is one of class etc.
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I'm totally with you. My examples weren't pretty good, but was more of a support to the core ideia as you have gotten. o/
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As a xelor, I completely suport more time in a turn, because untill they rework us our combos are so convoluted I usually run out of seconds faster then AP
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Do you miss out for  Maskemane and Rogue?
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Hid did say this is just an idea for passives to exist, you can suggest them if you have a good idea.
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 I was just thinking the other day that it would be cool to have class specific mounts (Eliotrope portal movement, Enutrof riding his pet, Sadida riding an enlarged doll, etc ) but I could also go for class specific passives. They would have to be pretty balanced though or players would complain. This thread is definately a start in the right direction.
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Class exclusive mounts would be cool if they were obtained via an achievement or yearly event, with stats that directly benefits said class and role
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Change the appearance of the bow for cra smile
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I think this is cool, but I think it must be limited to outside battle passives. Besides I think all class has a lot of unique passives. Nice idea by the way.

Some of my ideas that I like to add:

Enutrof: +1 Token drop (Cause well haven world doesn't have tax at all)

Cra: When out of battle they can increase their field of vision. (Good for PVP if it gets revamped too)

Foggernaut: 5x5 area to clear trees or plants, inflicts 1% self damage. (Cooldown of 15 minutes.)

Ecaflip: 10% chance to surely plant something. 3% chance to turn into a black cat and escape PVP when attacked. 1% chance to double their token drop.

Iop: +10% movespeed when not on mount and -1 sec. to cut down trees.

Osamodas: +5% movespeed when on mount and trapping spawn is 100%.

Rogue: 5% chance to dodge two-person emotes. 3x3 area to clear monsters: cooldown of 10 minutes. (The animation looks like rogue throwing his/her bomb.)

Masqueraider: Can copy a class and appearance that is present in the field for 30 minutes. Has a cooldown of 3 hours (Does not decrease cooldown timer while offline). If the character enters battle it reverts back to its original state. (Note: Adding in the friendlist also changes their class in there. Will be reverted back if they break or finish the transformation.)

Xelor: Can buff or self-buff with: 5% movespeed and - 1 sec gathering for 15 minutes. Has a cooldown of 3 hours (Does not decrease cooldown timer while offline). Also he has a permanent buff: +3% movespeed.
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Xelor: When harvesting plants he heals for 5% health (stealing time)
Rogue: can plant bombs on stuff he plants so only he can harvest them for 10 minutes
Osamodas: Can choose to plant a singe mob or a group of mobs when planting as a trapper
Ecaflip: If attacked by another player when below 50% health, gainst 100% HP
Enutrof: Items dropped on the ground last twice as long before dissappearing
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Yeah I think these passives should only apply to out of battle situations. Anything else I think would require a lot of effort balance.
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I totally support this idea. I also agree with the "only out of battle situations". It'd be too hard to balance things in-battle.

Now about the ideas, I think we could be a little more daring, you know? Ankama is afraid of such things (like this):

Eliotropes: They can create a portal whenever they want as long as it's in LoS and it targets a "walkable" cell on the map. Each active portal can be used by anyone. While the portal is active, you get a "-1 WP" debuff for each portal. When you deactivate a portal, the debuff lasts for the next 15 minutes. That would be cool for those players who like to chill in populate areas on unexpected places, or to escape a fight (with the PvP revamp, this would be even more important) going to a inaccessible spot, or even to get some shortcuts over map obstacles.

Xelors: They can teleport to an area in LoS for the cost of 1 WP (debuff for some minutes too) for each X cells of distance. Also, if you want to just leave the map and go to another island, you could spend half of your max WP and get a -AP debuff for some minutes.

Or going even further. Implement the energy system, like it is in Dofus (-energy after a fight or respawning - I don't remember). And the energy would be used for things outside the battles, like respawning, travelling places, and using those special abillities.

This way the player wouldn't need to sacrifice their in-battle resources to use them and would also give some more role play ideas like going to the tavern to recover energy, giving more importance to food and the Chef job.

This game has an incredible story and gameplay, but the Role Play is almost zero. I quitted playing a while ago, after I realized the game basically is in a place where it's only grinding and grinding. There is no comfort in walking on cities. There is no more players just doing their stuff for fun.
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Well, not expecting this thing to ever see the light, but anyway. Tossing some random ideas out there:

Feca: Teleporting to target tile in map?
Osamodas: Dragon transformation. +50% moving speed.
Enutrof: Drhellzerker transformation. +50% moving speed.
Sram: Temporary invisibility. Can't be targeted for PvP, trading, etc.
Xelor: Native "Xelor's Sandglass" effect?
Ecaflip: Native "Paws of Ecaflip" effect? Increased EXP gains for baker?
Eniripsa: Herbalist EXP gains/planting chances increased?
Iop: Miner EXP gains increased? (You know, nobody can break stones with the head like an Iop.)
Cra: Native "Woyal Bow of Pwodding" effect?
Sadida: Lumberjack EXP gains/planting chances increased?
Sacrier: ???
Pandawa: ???
Rogue: Doubled power for bombs in mines?
Masqueraider: ???
Foggernaut: ???
Eliotrope: Native "I.D.S." effect?
Huppermage: Native Wisdom bonus? Or for the whole party? (This one is technically a battle effect, however.)
Ouginak: ???

Opinions? Dangers? Exploits?
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Masqueraider: They are able to wear one of the three masks. Psychopath - Increased speed. Cowardly - 5% of chance of fleeing from a battle (pvp and agress). Classy - ???

Sadida - An additional bonus: You can plant a tree of choice for free every 1 hour.

Pandawa - Someone suggested throwing the barrel on the ground for people to take some beers and effects lol

Foggernaut - They can collect a resource for free every x minutes (supposed to destroy the resource with stasis but that wouldn't do any good except denying farm for other people)

Iop - Actually it would make more sense to be Lumberjack, since it requires strength. (If the mining were like in Dofus, it would too).

Feca - They could put their armor on someone including themselves which would prevent the player from being agressed for a time.

Osamodas - They could also sacrifice a mob to drop its resources every x minutes (depending on the mob level - not on dungs).
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This sounds pretty close to my idea today, but with more emphasis on combat things or statistical things. I was thinking of something like

Sadidas could summon a doll out of combat to help them gather plant trimmings and plant them.

Foggernauts could summon a stasis bot to help "hard-gather" resources (i.e. chop down trees, reap wheat).

Pandawas could meditate out of battle and heal faster or even acquire certain buffs depending on the area they are in and the resources nearby or the health of the ecosystem, and other players could possibly share these buffs and heals by sitting next to a meditating Pandawa and lead a kind of meditation session. It couldn't be used in dungeons, however, and wouldn't work in certain areas, and Pandawas are the only ones who can initiate it, so food is still relevant.

Osamodas could do something pet-specific? I don't know yet, but the other ideas sound good.

Ecaflips could do something related to gambling or luck before entering a battle or crafting? Or maybe actual playing card games and gambling tables could be added in-game like Solitare, Blackjack, and Poker. Anyone could play them, but it would make roleplaying an Ecaflip more fun.

I have no idea how the other classes would work. I call them "environmental skills". Honestly though, Enotrouf and Osamodas are already two of the most immersive classes I've played in this game, and all you gotta do to roleplay an Ecaflip (from my perspective) is compete and, if you want, gamble on things in and out of battle.

Enutroufs have a greater chance of getting loot from battles which they can sell on the market or use themselves, and Osamodas can tame several mobs. If there weren't already a database showing mob strengths or if someone didn't want to rely on that, like say a hardcore roleplaying group, Osamodas could be a valuable source of knowledge on mobs' stats, skills, and behavior.
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