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Creating another Wakfu/Dofus game, both combined into a unique Moba based fast paced game...

By marotomau#1460 - MEMBER - June 14, 2017, 16:16:25
What is a Open World category?
A term for a game that allows you to explore the entire world and have barely any limits. Open world environments are a gaming concept employed in many games to give the player a more “in control” feeling while playing the game. Open world games typically consist of very large settings with many different areas and structures that can all be visited by the player at any time they choose to. This style of gameplay is different from linear progression games because in a linear game the player is often forced to travel down a scripted path events and levels that come one after the next and are always in the same order. Many modern game players prefer the open world concept because it is an evolutionary step forward in the way interactive entertainment can pull a player into the story. Open world games offer a sense of control to the player, they allow a player to visit the places they want to visit when they want to, and it is that level of control that helps the player feel more intertwined with their character. Free roaming open world environments is still a relatively new concept,and as the popularity of it increases more and more games are utilizing the concept to attract more players.

What is a moba?
MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a new gaming genre. Spawned from early forums from the custom map for Starcraft called {Aeon of Strife} and Evolved in to the most recent Defense of the Ancients or "DotA". The objective of the MOBA Genre is for each team to destroy the opponents' Base, heavily guarded structures at opposing corners of the map. Players use powerful units known as heroes, and are assisted by allied heroes and AI-controlled fighters called "creeps". As in role-playing games, players level up their hero and use gold to buy equipment during the mission.

Each human player in this game must control a Hero, God, Class or etc, a powerful unit with unique abilities. Players on each side choose one of a variety of characters at a certain faction, each with different abilities and tactical advantages over other heroes. The scenario is highly team-oriented; it is difficult for one player to carry the team to victory alone. Nevertheless, some characters, given enough time, can change the outcome single-handedly, while countering the opposing team's heroes.

What is a Open World pvp?
PVP that takes place in an Open World. Many instances of PVP take place inside instances, zones created for the PVP in which set numbers of players fight in their own personal map until a victory condition is set and that copy of the map goes away. By contrast the Open World is a non-unique setting that you and other players can freely move around, so Open World PvP contains a lot of unpredictability and often starts with randomly encountering hostile players.

Ok, by explaning you this idea, the character factions consists in 5 factions:
-Heroes (Ex: Evangelyne, Tristepin, Yugo, Amalia, Ruel, Cleophee, Remington Smisse, Kerubim, Nox, Phaeris, and other characters from the series and from the mmo, including other heroes and vilains).
-Gods (Each of the 12 gods)
-Classes (Foggernaut, Iop, Cra, Xelor, Sadida, Pandawa, Enutrof, uppermage, Eliotrope, Eliatrope, and other existing classes in the series.)
-Warriors (Give us an idea of your warrior. Can be or not from the wakfu lore, but create it for your own like an example)
-Creatures (all of them from the franchise)
-And also you can ceate your own character!

And it would be great if this game was created and it will be good as an E-Sport... just wondering.
What do you think?
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No clue what you are talking about, since you are just isting what some terms mean, do you want a Krosmos MOBA?
Because what would be the point of making a MOBA inside of a MMO, if the point of moba is an Arena?

Unless you want it as a pvp/game inside a game, but we all know how well that turned out (Looking at you Krosmaster).
Also no to custom characters in a MOBA, balancing normal characters is hard enough.
Also isn't a MOBA a type of PvP?
I mean we are still waiting for  PvP revamp in Wakfu, so I wouldn't count on it.

Also what would the MOBA be like, you haven't actually suggested anything about it.
Would it be turn based like Gobbowl was suposed to be, or just an average HotS/LoL/DotA MOBA with playable gods and heroes of Krosmos
...that actually sounds quite cool, and I can definetly Imagine some gobbals in the jungle, a gobbalrog as a red buff and Ogrest as the Baron, buying relics with kamas collected from piwi minions and Gogoos as super minions when you destroy their prims.
On the other hand, I imagine the team has their hands currently full with Krosmaga, Dofus 3, Wakfu and Krosmaster arena, but I'd definetly play it.
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"No clue what you are talking about, since you are just isting what some terms mean, do you want a Krosmos MOBA?" <---- Of course!
"Also what would the MOBA be like, you haven't actually suggested anything about it." <-- Could be like a hack 'n' slash fast paced beat-em up moba-like (and a little bit hybrid of dotA)
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Basically it is likely he has played league of losers and wants a dofus/wakfu version of it. Other games are available for moba, but still. Problem is it would probably do very terribly since the point of it would be to add to these sorts of game types. Reason being: we don't have that many classes, more importantly how would the class kits even play out? Sexydidas would probably have it rough, being so doll-oriented in both wakfu and dofus but being extremely limited sounds... dry. Xelors would probably be a mage but it's like... it loses the main aspect which separates it from just being another generic mage class or magic-type. That main aspect being AP drain, a lot of it. It's probably something that really needs a heavy amount of thinking before it even gets determined to be a game, because the classes would have to stick to their shtick. Which when you think about it, probably only a few of them would actually be able to.
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I think thr problem is that the classes are really team oriented, so it's tricky to make them interesting solo (and being turn based usually.

It could be done, but the problem would be getting a comunity, since MOBAS are really depending on it and we all know Ankama kinda sucks at advertising (no offence).
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Example of how classes could work:
Sadida (summoner)
P: Doll link, 10% of damage taken by sadida is redirected across nearby dolls
1. Summon doll (greedy if cast on an enemy, inflatable if cast on ally)
2. Brambles (damage in an AoE and slows for a short time)
3. Sadida's tear (projectile, if it hits an enemy it heals nearby dolls)
4. Ultra powerfull (summons a powerfull doll that turns nearby minions into sacrificial dolls with no cap)

Osamodas (summoner)
P: Gobup (if you kill a jungle monster, the gobgob eats it's soul and summons a friendly duplicate you controll, as you level you can controll more creatures)
1. Gobgob (targeted ability that deals damage to enemies or heals summons, in dragon form it reveals the enemy for a while)
2. Whip (you strike a target it deals more damage to monsters, if you strike a summon it dies and heals you for a portion of its remaining health)
3. Sramva slash (you grab the nearest summon and launch it at an enemy, in dragon form you dash forward instead) 
4. Dragon form (you gain increased damage and movement speed, but your spells no longer affect your summons)

Xelor (mage)
P: The dial (you can teleport between towers every so often)
1. Clock (An AoE that drains a bit of mana if it hits a champion)
2. Hand (a piercing projectile that slows enemies hit)
3. Against the clock (anyone you cast it on will be teleported back to their curent location after 3 seconds)
4. Mumificaton (turns an ally or self into a mummy, it has increased defence and you regain mana whenever it takes damage)

Sram (assasin)
P: Vital blows (backstabs and sttacks while invisible cause enemies to bleed)
1. Willy (teleports behind the target from a short range, doesn't deal damage if invisible)
2. Invisibilty (Becomes invisible untill damaging an anemy)
3. Tricky blow (attacks an enemy than does a backflip away from it)
4. Execution (Deals double damage if the enemy is below 20% hp, steals 50% of inflicted damage)

Eniripsa (support)
P: Constitution (your heals are improved by up to 20% depending on your surrent health %)
1. Invigorating word (heals the target and heals nearby target by 20% of that heal)
2. Infected flask (projectile that explodes and poisons in an area when it hits an enemy or lands)
3. Transcendance (stuns a target and makes it untargetable for 2 seconds)
4. Blazing caligraphy (Marks all enemies in a radius round the eniripa for 10 seconds, marked targets take increased damage and if killed heal their killer for a portion of their max health)

PS: Also considering how you usually have diverse builds, maybe it would be cool if each class had a few diferent passives to choose from?
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All of them could work. CAn you give any more examples for eliotropes and foggernauts? I'll be apreciated.
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I suggested that. It would be so cool. Since the Krosmos is being played in a lot of similar games (Dofus - Dofus 3 - Wakfu) and also (Krosmaga - Krosmaster Arena), the only missing game-style is the MOBA or even a shooter (honestly it wouldn't work in this case).

But about the MOBA. I ALWAYS imagine the Iop as Garen, from league of legends with a lot of cool abilities from Wakfu. Garen's ult is a BIG FREAKING MAGICAL SWORD FALLING FROM THE SKY RIGHT ON THE ENEMY'S FACE after craving the sword into the ground. It would be AWESOME to see a Iop doing that.

What I thought it would work for the spells and stuff would be to choose between the spell sets of each class up to 5 passives, 3 normal spells and 1 ultimate spell (high AP cost).

For instance, if you wanted to play Iop, you could build an "Off-Tank with a lot of CC" by picking Super Iop Punch (the old one), Rocknoceros and Shaker as the regular spells and Iop's Wrath as the Ultimate.

And the passives could work as it is in Heroes of the Storm (everytime you level up you can choose one upgrade for your hero).

I don't know if working with "all the spells you can carry" like in Wakfu would work in a fast-paced MOBA game. It would require a lot of skill and the game would have to change its objectives or gameplay to pair up with the game pace.

But I think going with the "spell kit building system" is the way to go in this case.
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Actually, I always imagined Jarvan No.4 as an iop, since he places a standard than jumps to it.
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no we need less brain dead time fillers that accomplish nothing but a small high you get from winning or getting on a killing spree and trying to keep that up, mobas are basically a drug kids  
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Can you elaborate more of your opinion please? Are you saying that you don't like mobas? Then why you even commented here in first place? (No offence...)
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