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Eliotrope's Cap

By Redstormer - MEMBER - March 03, 2017, 20:08:04

Its a quite simple suggestion, but after seeing how most suits look on an Eliotrope, i would like it if Ankama added a way to remove Eliotrope's hat, uncovering its hair, and two small animated wakfu wings, similar to the ones hidden under Eliatrope's hats, so the overall look is improved when using suits, instead of having to cope with that huge hat out of the suit

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This seems like an excellent idea for a costume but also seems unrealistic as something that Ankama would give you for free

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Well, they created a whole femenine Foggernaut form out of popular demand, so i don't think that it's so unrealistic for them to give the option to remove that hat

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