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By Rezilia#1726 - MEMBER - February 25, 2017, 13:46:34
The 5 Year event was pretty fun, but felt a bit lacking. Still, it's a good basis for a treasure hunting minigame that could exist every week!

There are different grades of shovels that never expire. When you talk to Pappy Pal about Minesweeper, he gives you your first shovel. The lower the grade of the shovel, the longer it takes to dig a square. This minigame is technically singleplayer, so your group members don't get the items or suffer the effects of the minigame, nor are other players in the area caught up in an explosion.

Squares can have different things in them - treasure chests have a certain amount of kamas, mines instantly kill the player, and some special chests give Sufokian Dubloons; Sufokian Dubloons can be traded to an explorer in Sufokia for costumes and other rewards. All squares in the world are changed by this event, and while most of them are empty, a small amount of them have Dubloons, and a bit more than that have treasure chests (with a LOT of kamas), the mines that exist are in greater number than the treasure chests and often come in groups - all mines in the group will go off if you touch any of them, then their squares will turn empty, but De Darm stacks based on the number of mines that went off.

There's also 1 item in 1 square in the world every week that gives a Shovel Upgrade item; this item can be exchanged at the explorer with a shovel of any grade and a certain number of Dubloons to get the next shovel - while all shovels are bound and undeletable (counting as key items), they can be used in this exchange.

The great thing about this event is that the squares randomize every week, so any potential guides would expire after that time, mitigating cheating as much as possible while keeping the game fresh.
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I would enjoy that kind of event. \o
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