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Revamps of Crafting, PVP and Politics

By treevamp1#8526 - MEMBER - August 24, 2016, 01:56:56
People keep saying they want this. What do people actually want, specifically?

Don't just say "better revamps faster!". You know Ankama has had a lot of turnover over the years; that's not the point of this thread. What do you want revamped crafting, PVP, and politics to look like?
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There is a lot of things wrong with crafts and resources

Leveling crafts is mostly like gathering tons of herbs and ores and wood and doing the 3x or 5x crafts every 20 levels.. This is a huge grind that basically devalues "Crafting." You're literally just doing it for the exp to get 100 Craft so that you can just craft end game gears. To fix this, It would literally just be a lot easier to change the crafts system by tweaking it a little.

Bewarned, this is kind of an Extreme Step to head...

My Vision of a Crafting Revamp: Weapon Master
Repairs: Items will have durability and Crafts will improve the durability and even grant a small random bonus to the item until the next repair. Therefore no armor is truly trash since it will help you "level and improve" crafting. Durability decreases by like 0.16% after one fight.
So when you go to the Long Distance Weapon Machine, you will have a list of all the level 1-200 bows that you can repair. The more you repair, the higher your "Long-Distance Craft" will be, and it should lessen the required mats and grant stronger buffs. So a "Level 0 Long distance Crafter" will probably take 3 hours to repair a level 200 weapon while a "level 200 Long distance crafter" will only take 30 minutes. However it shouldn't be too slow and should be paced accordingly...also increase the crafting from 100 to 200. AND then finally maybe 1-3 MASTER Crafts Weapon/armor (that you can choose) at level 100, 150 and 200.

Same goes with leather dealers and etc. repairs, and then master crafts.

This means that every single ore might be useful because different gears will require different materials to repair. It also means that there will also be some Consistency because they need the same mats over and over to repair. Kinda sucks for linked gears though.

Politics Revamp: Nations Need Attention

1. Honestly the first thing I thought of was that the haven world markets are backwards and be required a 5% tax, while the Nations market should be government controlled and even have a 0% tax whenever the government "purchases" an temporary tax relief with cooldowns of course. This means no more overpriced items in haven world markets. Tax money from haven world market goes up for grabs ...

2. More Involvements like a weekly guild/individual competition, such as the guild/person that helped the nation/earn cp within the week will hold a title/unlockacostume/pet/emote/whatever.

3. Need things for casual players too... like eco quests need to be more than just the exp.

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

There can be tons of small fun random temporary bonuses for repairing gears: Normal Buffs 5 Crit Damage/Secondary Damage, 3 Elemental Damage, 4 Init/Dodge/Lock, 3 Resist. Rare Buffs 5% Crit, 5% Block, 10% Heal Received, 10% Damage Dealt, 1 Range. Legendary 10% Hp Steal, 1 AP, 1 MP.
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Let's not also forget about Sidekicks Revamp as well as their stats and AP efficiency are too low in comparison to players. Yes there must be significant difference to heroes, but not until awful compare to heroes, like say 70-80%?

Thread: Click here

But in the end, the choices are ankama's to make and I doubt they care about these changes. Except producing new products to attract & sell, only to become irrelevant in future.

Let's just enjoy the game while it still lasts, aka before its abandoned and into the history of highly potential 'but gone wrong' MMORPG.
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If you have the patience to comb the forums, there have been dozens of suggestions threads regarding nations, PVP and crafting systems. I'm sure that input has been relayed, how much of it will be put to use is unclear.
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Crafting: It the current state of crafting, the minor stat boosts some equipment provides is near worthless in combat, and it's currently just better off to find the equipment yourself from dungeons or hunting outside monsters.

What I would like to see: The ability to craft all equipment from the monster resource (for example, with 50 gobball wool, you could craft a gobball hat, from 1000 tropikoko bark [because ankama grinding] you could craft a tropicape, from 500 ancestral fragments you could craft bootanics, etc.) [SIDE NOTE: Relics should not be craftable themselves, but maybe you could craft linked relic fragments? Like 50 tropikoko bark for a linked Belt of the Winds Fragment?]

They need to overall either simplify the system, or make it much more accessible and easier to work with; more exp, less grinding time for the resources. Professions should be enjoyable to level or pay off in the end with a multitude of things to be crafted, to help a player advance without too much hassle.

In my opinion, crafting an item should be done as following: Item level / 2 = the crafting level required (rounded up.) To give a few examples, using the stuff above, gobball helmet = level 10 to craft, tropicape = level 85 to craft, bootanics = level 70 to craft.

Master seals should be given out far earlier as a result, and should be a craft-able item in itself, or at least have some way of replenishing it.

PvP: You kill people, you get merit, you can use this for costumes or PvP gear. Great, but very lackluster.

In general, this is less of something to be reworked, and more of something to be built upon; add in new areas accessible only to people of a certain rank, for instance; or grant a reward for fighting players in a PvP fight, such as gaining exp equal to 10% of the opponent's current level exp. (Meaning if you needed 1 billion exp to level, if you did a pvp fight with both players having pvp enabled, you would get 100 million for winning.)

In general, this is something you have to be very careful when implementing though; rewarding players for attacking others can be very bad indeed.

Politics: Really they just need more to do. More areas to capture, more meaningful nation bonuses (at least, for higher level players that is), and more rewards for keeping the nation safe and such. This falls more under something for a PvP rework though, since players are ultimately what influence this.

In summary: Crafting needs a major overhaul, PvP should have more rewards and should not ruin any bystander's experience, and politics needs more things to do, particularly regarding nation vs nation interactions, and to make it more meaningful for higher level players to want to keep bonuses up.

Well that was one really long post, sorry to anyone who read it all.
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You know what they need to do in crafting revamp?
Make it so that players can master every resource they harvest.
What i mean by that is each resouce would be harvested with less time needed the more you have harvested it, and you would eventually get more of it. Its like a level up for every ressource. You wont need to level them up to level profession but the more time you will spend with 1 ressource, the more and faster you will start collecting it. Aka, you will master harvesting that resource.

This would make getting materials more enjoyable, as you will have the feeling of little success every now and then. And little success makes people happy and make their struggle to reach higher goals easier to handle.

Also crafting should require less drops. People who focus on crafting doesn't want to engage in fights that much. Sure some resources would be needed but when i see you need 60 frakin wool that is not harvested, just to craft silly gobbal helmet, then i can tell you i will get that helmet faster from simply dropping it or from token machine if i am desperate. By the time someone would be able to craft whole gobbal set, he would already drop 10 whole sets if not more. Thats what need to change: realistic amount of materials required.
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We know what has to be done since 2011.

I'm still waiting for that Colisseum, or Arena, whatever they call it, a place to randomly make 3 vs 3 combats and gain XP & Money after each victory.

But that would require creating a complex system, maybe they haven't done it because that requires some insane coding on Java and they still can't make it work.

Using the current 1 vs 1 pvp, there could be daily quests or something, maybe 10 per day. You go to your city's HQ and its leader gives you an item to track down someone from an enemy city. You kill him and you win XP & Kamas and some special currency.

Honestly, it baffles me to see more people talking about crafting revamp instad of this. I'm literally waiting just for a rewarding PvP system to return to this game, that's my favorite way of playing games.

It'd be content for everyone, so nice.

About crafting, I don't know, never been one of those players who create and sell stuff on any MMORPG, this has been the first one where I actually got high level jobs (lvl 80)

It requires way too many resources from different jobs and the grind stops being fun sometimes. Actually, that's why after a 6 months rollback, I didn't want to go through it again. It's a one time thing, you need to grind like a madman and spend all your money to have a decent level.

There should be daily quests to grant you 20% XP to a certain job, the 20% will be decided when you complete it.
You'd have to choose only one of those quests each day, so that'd be "just" one level per week, assuming you didn't craft anything.

They could also implement a way of randomly acquiring relevant resources FROM OTHER jobs, depending on your level. I don't know how though.

Maybe even a low chance to recover materials after each crafting. Maybe you manage to create a certain item using even less resources since you are very skilled.
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