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Possibility of a Nox - Remmington merge?

By Skyshooter1#6229 - MEMBER - August 16, 2016, 07:00:17
I've asked this last year, and people didn't really give a large amount of insight on the idea.

Do you suppose Nox and Remmington will merge communities / servers in the near future? I would suppose alot of people are playing Remmington now since it's generally the go-to server due to the higher population of players globally.
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I wish.
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I Speculate they will not merge servers, they haven't since release and if I can recall stated they don't really like the idea to begin with. Don't quote me on that... But yeah, highly doubt they will merge.
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In Dofus, when they merged Ogivol to Solar, we get to keep all our progress (levels, items, quests, achievements... etc etc). Houses/Paddocks in Ogivol was disabled so we did not lose any property. We got a free rename when we logged on to Solar for the first time.

In Wakfu, when chinese server merged into Phaeris, I think they lost all their inventory.

Merging is possible if Ankama wants to...

They can, but they don't want to go thru all the hassles and inconvenience to them and to the players who will lose gears, real estates and kamas.
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I personally discourage the act as it will hamper the progress everyone made with their guild and Hawen worlds.
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I wish, it would make the game significantly healthier with more players = more options for parties to do what you want and more pvp on the side when you dont feel like grinding.
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I would love a server merge with remmington, I feel like they have way more PvP than us. It's so boring here in Nox, nobody stands a chance against the sexydida god of Nox. I need more victims after all.
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I feel like the better option would be much more...complicated.

Basically, allow remmington and nox players to use their characters in both servers, but keep the individual worlds. This way, the haven worlds and guilds would still remain, as well as allowing for more characters for both world's players. It would (hopefully) also keep items/inventories in tact.

Of course though it would be no easy feat.
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A lot of problems regarding HWs, not just out of merges, could be solved if HWs were just channels (more then one actual HW in one place) instead of single 'houses'

Would it even be possible since Nox was basically founded by Square Enix?
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First, give players the option to switch servers for free. They'd bring items but not kamas. Later, if Remington did become significantly more populous -- the difference isn't huge right now -- then create two "channels" per haven world location and migrate all the guilds and haven worlds intact.

Ankama could figure out a way to align the value of kamas in the two servers, but honestly it shouldn't matter that much, since quests and bosses give the same amount on every server.

Still, if Nox were to be shut down, then Ankama could give players the chance to use their kamas to buy useful items before the switch. That way, Nox players would migrate with valuable items but not so-called inflated kamas. For example, dungeon machines could accept kamas for unlinked fragments. Nox's prices would be based on the Nox market. Remington could also have machines based on the Remi market, temporarily, to give Remi players the right to do something similar.
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I don't want anyone who uses the term "sexyda" on rem.
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xmetx-zero-x|2016-08-16 21:38:35
I don't want anyone who uses the term "sexyda" on rem.
who said the server would be still called rem?
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xmetx-zero-x|2016-08-16 21:38:35
I don't want anyone who uses the term "sexyda" on rem.
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xmetx-zero-x|2016-08-16 21:38:35
I don't want anyone who uses the term "sexyda" on rem.
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