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Collection of new dungeon ideas

By FeedFeca - MEMBER - May 21, 2016, 20:29:47

Recently there have been many complaints on the fact that dungeons are repetitive or boring, or that all recent dungeons require a certain class or two. This thread is to collect ideas for new dungeons that we think would be fun or challenging to run.

I have two ideas myself:
1: This family of mobs is sort of like psykokos/crocodyle shamans in their damage reduction. There are 4 mobs, all have moderate resists, and their resists are equal in all elements. To compensate, each mob takes half damage from one type of damage, and the other type deals extra. For example, one mob might take 150% single target damage, but only 50% area damage. Another might take 150% close-combat damage, but only 50% ranged damage. Maybe they all have some sort of themed armor to make the damage reduction make sense? I don't know what the mobs/boss would looks like.
The border tiles teleport you next to a random mob (they will be used in boss fight)
The boss has only one phase. He has high ranged damage (not too much) and his A.I. tells him to stay away from enemies and try to kite them. His resists are reasonable(not low, but not absurdly high) He has quite a bit of health. (50,000-60,000?) He is easily lockable (but why would you want to with his ability written below?) and his lock is extremely high. (800-1000?)IMPORTANT: At the end of his turn, all enemies in cc range (1-2 cells) are removed from the fight (no K.O.)He can only take as much ranged damage as melee damage. This means that before the cra can shoot the boss, the iop must run up there first. IF the iop deals 7986 damage, then the cra can ONLY do 7986 damage. If the iop only deals 3214 damage, then the cra can only do 3214 damage. Unlike kannilooni, you can reach the limit exactly. For example, if the cra can only do 1000 more damage and hits him for 1508, then he will take the 1000 damage.This dungeon doesn't require a feca or a tank (in fact, a feca would probably be bad) and makes melee damage dealers valuable. There is still need for a healer.

2: I don't know how the mobs will work, be creative ankama! I think ghostofs would make the most sense with the boss.The boss is a sort of humanoid wraith/ghost/spectre and has two phases.P1: simply does lots of ranged damage and floats around. Can be locked (with some difficulty) and has low lock. P2 starts at 3/4 health. I think his health should be around 40,000.P2: as soon as he hits P2, he becomes invulnerable until the end of his next turn and even if the damage he took to reduce his health to 30,000 would put him lower he still stays at 30,000 (no one-shotting!) He is now unlockable.Next turn, he does damage (lower than before, not that much, he will hurt players in another way. maybe inflicts some kind of annoying debuff.) and, at the end of his turn, jumps inside a random player. The players have no way to tell which player he jumped into. To damage the boss, you must hit the player that he is inside. The player and the boss take damage and the boss uses the player's resist! On the bosses next turn, he jumps out of the player he was in and does a bit of damage and debuffs. Then, at the end of his turn, he jumps inside a random player again. It can be the player that he just jumped out of. This repeats until the boss is dead. An important note: if you heal the player the boss is inside, the boss gets healed too. Another note: you can only do damage to equal the health of the player. For example, if the rogue pulsars the cra that the boss is inside of and the cra only has 5,000 health, then the cra will get K.O. and the boss will take 5,000, even if the pulsar did 50,000. The boss remains inside someone even if they K.O. or even removed from the map and just reappears on his next turn to do damage and hide in someone.This dungeon doesn't require a tank, but might require one or even two healers.

I hope you enjoy these ideas and post some of your own as well!

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I don't know if the developers are working on this, but I really want a bellaphone dungeon. I mean, they're so pretty and mysterious, what's not to love?

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

Well, except for that one time where they seduce Yugo, Ruel, and Tristepin and turn them into barbaric monkeys. The Bellaphones also turned into creepy sirens once they tried to escape. :blink:

For the boss room, I want these three bellaphones from the series to be the bosses:

And the room could be designed inspired by the series as well:

The bosses can look pretty at first, but maybe once you disturb a mechanic/get them to low hp....

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

They transform into the creepy sirens and turn your team mates into monkeys, controlling their moves. Or maybe that's too op?

You can tell I'm a lore nerd, lol.
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EtiennetteHeartstrings|2016-05-21 21:12:28
You can tell I'm a lore nerd, lol.
or that youve just seen that one episode
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Sidebosses in higher level dungeons, with special conditions to reach them, just like in the level 22/32 dungeons.

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I guess I'll just paste it here then:

Global UB: has 60 million HP. Guards a mystic forge that allows you to craft high level gear from drops farmed from the boss. When engaging the boss, damage it as much as you can before either: (it escapes after taking 100k damage, or it will party wipe you with an ultimate attack. The global HP of the boss is remembered by the server, and when the boss is defeated, a server announcement is made (UB has been defeated, the wakfu which ties it to this world has thinned) it unlocks both a 'weakened' 100k hp version of the boss which is defeatable, and allows players to craft items via the forge. Essentially means that defeating this boss will take the entire server running fights against the boss. Obviously, the 1 UB per week only applies to the weakened version.

Labyrinthion: an island full of aggressive monsters. The island has a debuff which punishes players who wear high level gear with increased damage taking and penalties. Gear found on the island are not affected by this however.

Ghostoff Kwismas Past Dungeon: high level ghostoff dungeon where you fight previous versions of characters (ie: Iop from 1.4, Feca without inversion, Pre-nerf srams) The boss is a high level alpha build of the iop where the max level is 100 and iops can force players to turn their backs to him.

Zero Arena Maps: Maps where gear are nullified, PK is always on, and monsters are rebalanced to account for the difference in power. The only buffs applicable are food, nation buffs, etc. As such, this territory can be conquered by other nations which offer exotic bonuses such as +1 AP (while on this map) +1 WP or +2 MP depending on the governor's choice.

Eureka's Run: 5 man dungeon where the 6th man is always a female fogger named Eureka. Your goal is to keep Eureka alive while running through the dungeon. Eureka herself is weak and starts with 2 AP, and her AP doubles every other turn, maxing out at 24 ap. The last boss in this dungeon is a Eureka herself.

Divergence: Dungeons split paths, where both paths have triggers which must be completed. Parties can choose to split up in groups of 3, or run path A and then Path B.

Emergence: The dungeon has a timer. Finishing fights quickly means the boss will have less HP, less abilities.

Jail: breaking the law (first offense) now summons a ghostoff guard from the nation you are breaking laws from. Losing results in incarceration where you may escape via running a mini jail dungeon. You can ask help from friends on the outside, or fellow inmates.

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