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By FeedFeca - MEMBER - December 29, 2015, 02:16:57

I bet anyone who has played wakfu for at least a few weeks has found something that they think would be a great addition or modification. The purpose of this thread is to get people to post their ideas for additions or modifications on one thread and maybe some will be implemented into the game. If you like someone's idea, then positive comments are fine and if one idea has more positive comments it may be more likely for that idea to be implemented.
There are just a few rules:

No posts are to be about bug fixing. If there is an annoying bug, make a bug report!

No negative posts. If you hate someone's idea then just don't comment.

Hopefully the devs will see some of our ideas and we can see them in a later patch!

One suggestion I have to make is to change the mimisymbic system. It should be for a much higher price and it unlocks a third tab in your inventory between your stuff and your tokens permanently. The tab contains five slots for mimisymbic gear (boots, breastplate, epaulettes, helmet, cape) and gear put in these slots shows up instead of the gear you are wearing for stats. If you wanted your unlinked Wa Cwown to look like a wodent hat, then you put the Cwown on in your normal inventory and the wodent hat in the other tab. You can make gear look different like the old system, but there is no need to link items and changing your look doesn't require purchasing another mimisymbic.

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Well there is a suggestion section already.

1. I would make pappy pal's place bigger. I feel like the starting point of Wakfu needs something more to it and is very crowded.

2. In Astrub I noticed Bow meows huddle to the side of houses way too much.

3. Astrub has a lot of buildings for no purposes. Some buildings look like they're under construction and serve no purpose except for decoration :Taverns for example.

4. Haven World teleportation ability besides Suiciding.

5. More player involvement in nations.

6. More guild benefits that are temporary. Like guild bonuses.
It might be too much to ask because guild vs guild is very complicated. I would love to see guild vs guild competitions in Ecaflipus and the winning team would be granted a temporary week bonus or something good.

7. Make the game more rewarding for single boxers. Not sure how but I really hope there is a way.

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A few suggestions that I'd like to see:

1) Class specific costumes. I like costumes but don't like that many of the costumes completely obscure your class and make you look like a generic character. I end up just using the transparent costume 99% of the time because of this. I'd rather see costumes could only be equipped by a single class, but each costume would be hand crafted for that class and could enhance the unique features of that class. This is probably fairly simple to implement and equals more $$$ for Ankama.

2) A shushu mount. Simple enough, and equals more $$$ for Ankama.

3) More ability to expand haven bags via the ability to make multistory haven bags. For those of us who like to play MMORPG's to collect we quickly run out of room for our figurines, etc. I want to be able to have a multistory haven bag with floors for collecting all herbs, all farm plants, all woods, all sets, all plushies, etc.

4) Many, many more quests. In Dofus I used to quest like crazy and had more than 800 quests completed. In Wakfu there are very few quests, and I feel there could and should be a lot more.

5) A buy board on the market where players could list resources they wish to purchase, and prepay money to be paid out to anyone who fills the order. So for example if I want 1000 mortal wood I could place and order on the board and put up 1 million kamas in order to buy 1000 mortal wood at 1000 kama per wood. Now any lumberjacks who have mortal wood can start filling the order to get paid. So if I have 200 mortal wood I can fill 200/1000 of the order to get 200,000 kamas. This would help increase the money flow for resources through the markets and give newer players a way to make money as well as giving long time players a way to get resources they want using the money that they have.

6) More crafting recipes that utilize the resources I can gather using professions, and gather from monsters. I really like the recipe for The Veiled Souls' Shadows, and I believe that at least 50% of the equipment in the game should have an improved version that is craftable, and viable for use in combat, similar to how The Veiled Souls' Shadows is an improved version of Shadow Eaters, crafted using Shadow Eaters as the base.

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45 seconds turns, because 30 sec is not enought in many situation, due to lag, long Animations or just a complex situation

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