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About Wakfu & Statis Bonuses

By Joohnnny - MEMBER - June 16, 2015, 05:33:24

Hello my fellow Wakfuians!

As you may know, when you get your wakfu/stasis level to above 30%, you're eligible to visit the nation's wakfu/stasis island for a planting/harvesting bonus. The bonus for wakfu +10% chances of successfully planting (NOTE: 10% from the current chance and not a fixed +10%; ex. 70%->77% and NOT 70%->80%). While the bonus for stasis is +10% harvesting speed. Unfortunately both of these bonuses can ONLY be obtained by visiting a local wakfu/stasis island AND the bonus ONLY lasts for 15 minutes.

The problem is that these bonuses are never worth obtaining them. What I mean is that since you have to spend 2-3 minutes walking to the island and back to your harvesting spot to only get a bonus that lasts 13-14 minutes (due to the walking time) and it only saves you 10% of your work time... then in reality, this isn't a bonus (as there is a net LOSE in time) and you're better off not bothering with these bonuses.

For example, say I'm to plant Tadbole trees in Bonta (say 63% success rate as is on most days) and I would like to get the wakfu bonus (because I like the aura biggrin ), then here's the time spend (+) vs saved (-).

  • +1 min from forest to wakfu island
  • +1 min to wakfu island to forest
  • [*]-1.93* min saved from wakfu bonus (14 min of bonus time due to walk back)
    +0.07 min net time spent!
*NOTE: To calculate the saved timed from planting, it's simply:
Saved Time = (Time Planting with Wakfu bonus) * [(Before Bonus Fail Rate/Before Bonus Success Rate) - (After Bonus Fail Rate/After Bonus Success Rate)]

These bonuses MUST be revised as surely they are useless. Perhaps, make the bonus last much longer (say 1 hour) or perhaps create a level 10 (easy to craft) potion that can teleport you to the wakfu/stasis island or even simply buffing the bonus to say +25%.

Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!
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I support making them longer, maybe a minute per wakfu/stasis you are for a max of 99 min long buff and a minimum 30min since thats what you need to access it

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Yes, yes and yes again!

The wakfu and stasis portals are so far out of the way from any travel points, AND they overwrite your phoenix. The small, brief boost they give to the relevant stats just isn't worth the effort.

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I support buffing it to 25% or maybe the bonus and the duration increase with the increase in Wakfu/Stasis. For example with 30% wakfu you get the current 10% increase in planting chance for 15 minutes, with 53% you get 15% for 30 mins, with 76% you get 20% for 45 mins, and with 99% you get 25% for 1 hour

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We like the old dungeons and features, dont let it be covered with dust and forgotten. Not only new content matters

Yes this should be updated to more adequate values

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