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By Niddhoggy - MEMBER - June 19, 2014, 06:15:41
The game currently looks like a ghost town with houses spread all around the world of twelve. There are even pieces of land that could be filled by houses built by the players! It is really sad that we only have the option to hide inside some parallel dimension, away from the real world. Haven worlds are guild features, it's impossible to add such an extension to them, since players may be kicked or leave a guild, what would happen if they had a house in those worlds?

Haven bags are like dimensional sleeping bags, they are not like a real lair. The game really lacks this kind of feature, which is present in many other games. Wakfu has already shown that it is possible to make a world driven by players, wouldn't it be nice if we could build houses all around the world of twelve for the sake of having a place to rest, store items and even practice some professions!

The world would become more lively, people would eventually go to their houses to do something. Level professions, breed pets and other animals. That's why I'm bringing this suggestion - The Housing System!

Housing in Wakfu

Buying a piece of land

There will be many places spread around the world of twelve where you can buy a piece of land. The size of the land will vary and it should be limited per map. There will be a limit of one house per account and the places where you can build one are not restricted to the big cities. If you want to have a home in a perfect place for a Sadida, for example, why not picking up Cania Swamps or even the Sadida Kingdom?

The suggested sizes of the pieces of land are the following:


The maximum size will be the 10x10, which makes it possible for you to have a house and a big garden to plant trees, herbs and even monsters to have your own little trapper harvesting. You can also choose to build a huge mansion, full of chests, profession machines and other stuff that could be added to the game.

The price for each tile should be enough to not make it too easy to buy a piece of land and nor too difficult. I would say 50000 kamas per tile. A 10x10 piece of land would then cost 5.000.000. A 5x5 house would cost 1.250.000. I think that this is a reasonable price since it's nor too cheap nor too expensive.


After buying the piece of land you are able to start the first sketches of your house, you'll be able to do it through an editor window similar to the one found in your haven world. You can pick up the type of wood, brick, colour, everything. After the layout is done, you may check the needed resources that are collected by miners, lumberjacks and trappers. The type of resource needed will be straight linked to the color and the general look of the house.


You are also able to build a fenced area if you got some free land, there you may plant monsters of various types but you wont be able to fight them, all you can do it collect resources from it. If you want to free the monster simply click on it and select ''set free''. With the upcoming mounts, there'll be possible to create your own personal paddock where you may leave your mounts and pets free when you don't need them.


One of the most interesting things a house brings is the possibility of creating chests in your house. Each chest will have 25 slots and there will be a limit of chests per room.

Profession Tables

Like Haven worlds and bags, it will be possible to have your own professional tables in your house.

Rest Bonus

Logging off in a house will grant you a bonus the next time you log in. The level of the Rested state will be based in how many hours you spent offline inside the house. Each level means 1 hour spent offline.

+5 HP per level
+10 minutes duration per level
+1% damage per level
+1% resistance per level
+1 wisdom per level
+1% crafting XP per level
+1% gathering XP per level
Max level: 20


It is even possible to create a basement where you can have a storeroom. You can put more barrels and chest there to store items and equipment. If you are wealthy you can even ask Pandora to create a personal portal that can lead you to all known locations of the World of Twelve!

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This can be very awesome biggrin 
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Great idea!

It would be logical if the house was attached to the account. 
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If they can improve haven bags, it can be better.
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luxioman|2014-06-19 06:51:39
This can be very awesome biggrin
+1 smile

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Would you be able to sell things from your house the way you can from a haven bag? Because that would be awesome. It would get people out of their own houses and moving around to visit houses that are known to be good marketplaces.
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Well well! That's one thing that would be really nice! I'll edit that to the main topic later, thanks for the feedback!

It would be really fun to walk around the world looking for good houses that sell interesting stuff!
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*kisses you for this awesome post* /shot'd
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Love it
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I really like this idea smile
specially if we can sell things in these buildings. Like if you choose the close range profession building, you can list the things you make with that prof in those buildings.
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I really like the housing ideia

1+ biggrin 
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There are two things I'd really like to see in Wakfu:
1. NPCs to flesh out the world and make it look lived-in
2. Your idea: more housing, to make the world look alive

Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't Dofus have both of these?
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Yes, Dofus has it and many other MMORPG's have it.

I think that the main issue with Wakfu is that they've been trying to be different, to be innovative. I support this line of thought, but I do not wish that some basic mmorpg mechanics to be forgotten. The world really looks dead right now, not only because of the lack of players, but also because of the lack of NPC's.

They could keep many original aspects to the game, like ecosystem, politics, haven worlds and join together with some of the MMO basics, like NPCs. I think the game would be much better and enjoyable, but that's just my opinion.

I don't like much Haven Bags because people can't see your home, can't see your feats. It's way too hidden, way too unsocial, Housing could completely change that plus we'd follow one of the wakfu ideas, which is a world driven by the players. We already modify the landscape through crops and trees. It would be amazing if we could build houses and if the governor could even purchase new pieces of land to be sold to the community.
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They can add this to HW, have houses there, and u can have beds and furniture in the Boutique or in craft, have a bed by the brrrblis for example. The new fungus/cactus have goo examples of diferent furniture like tables and so on.

It's so nice when new system join the gameplay, but u have to understand, new things on wakfu, don't mean the old ones will be improved, by the proves we have, the old system is just put aside, and a new and incomplete one is coming.

HW have 1 year, and no new things coming about, we have new deco on it, the craft revamp will change a lot, like the machines, and probably the craft gems, and should affect HB and HW. But u will be mesmerize by the Ankalogic.
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