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The Case for Buffing Cage of Blood

By Senru#1545 - MEMBER - April 06, 2014, 09:19:48

Cage of Blood is the second accessible spells in the Fire Sacrier Branch. True to all fire Sacrier attack, cage of blood deals damage and inflicts damage to the caster with the addition effect of activating a state which transports the sacrier to the enemy at the end of the enemy turn by removing the sacrier ability to lock and finally this spell has the condition of uncast-able until another fire spell is casted.

Couple with a rather low 76 base damage(level 200) compared to other fire spells ( Blood rush cost 3 ap for 98 base damage and to make matter even worst Bloodthirsty Fury the 1 ap 1mp spell is 68 base damage at level 200) this spell can use some strengthening.

In it current state Cage of blood has become a underutilized utility spell that has it's most usage in PVP. This is a shame as it current has one of the better animation for the sacrier fire branch. My personal suggestion is removing the "cannot be casted until..." condition and increasing its base damage.

- Senru.

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I don't seem to understand, do you still want to keep the effect where you teleport to enemy? If so then you want too much.

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I think it could simply cost 1 more AP and get that "cannot be cast if no other spell has been used" removed from conditions. But i don't think it need more dmg. Ability to keep enemy in close combat in the following turn already make it precious. Same goes for pushing spells (Gust or Feather Tornado) wich are weak in terms of dmg but they have utility.

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