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Account Shared Professions

By Niddhoggy - MEMBER - March 05, 2014, 20:43:56
Hello everyone.

This is a simple idea, make it possible to have all highest professions on every char of the same account! It is really saddening to create a new character and have to level all professions again.
I mean, we already get experience bonus, why not let everyone have all highest professions on every character of the same account?

Part of the lack of interest on professions is caused by this, I have professions spread around 3 characters but my newest one has everything at level 0 and I don't have any patience to level everything again.

The aspect that in Wakfu we can have all professions in a single char makes this option viable, in Dofus each character can only have up to three chosen professions.

This would be the best update of the year! Ah, also, WE NEED AN ACCOUNT SHARED CHEST!!!
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This could be nice but they will change crafting already so we won't see something like that.
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