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Star System

By Niddhoggy - MEMBER - March 03, 2014, 19:01:32
Hello everyone.

This is a simple idea that is already present in Dofus. The older a mob becomes in a map, more experience and better loot it gives.
Basically it works like this: after a specific quantity of hours without getting killed the mob gets 1 star, every star increases the loot and experience given by the mob. The mob can reach up to 10 stars, meaning that it grants insanely high experience at this level.
Since Wakfu is slightly different than Dofus (mobs are planted and maps are usually smaller) the time gap between getting 1 star should be shorter.

Every Star should pop up lets say, after two or one hour? I don't know whats the best for Wakfu. I just wanted to bring this idea to the forum. I have also another one.

Each Star could increase that maximum experience given by 10~20%, meaning with 10 star a mobs gives from 2 to tree times more experience than one with 0 stars.

Mobs that eventually get to 5 and 10 stars grow up and become unique, stronger. They also could grant special loot.

This idea can be very interesting for Haven Worlds, we can basically create fenced areas and wait until mobs get unique and give insanely high experience and do some sort of guild event, think about that!

The same system can be applied to crops, herbs and trees. The older they get, more experience and wood/grain/flowers they give upon their collection.

- Sequencer
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It should be the reverse for crops tongue 
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Ragdoll|2014-03-03 19:41:04
It should be the reverse for crops tongue
oh, hell no! this aint farmville D:

* * *
As I dont really know how dofus operates, how does / would the timer operate here? Would it be in battle only or if you are just in the area. Also how does it reset and could I have multiple mobs with stars on them? ohmy

As long as it doesn't interfere with the pp cap, and only influences the mobs base drop rates I'd be for it smile More exp is always nice
Mob gear is so hard to drop compared to boss sets and it shouldn't be that way :s
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