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Bug into feature

By semcorda - MEMBER - February 09, 2014, 14:28:40

Recent update of launcher added some new stuff to the list of bugs (what a surprise...). One of them is lack of animation for eni casting regeneration. You just aim the spell, click and effect on taget is applied, ap cost subtracted from caster.
And this is GREAT !
Because animations are so slow they are huge pain in the ass for many classes, xelors, sadis and support pandas especially. Myself and many people I play with, refer to them as "fucking animations" when we are losing APs or time for movement beacuse toon had to perform some retarded handwave or some fart cloud had to appear in aoe.
This new bug on eni's regeneration shows that it is possible to turn off this crap. I think that many people would be really gratefull for option to switch animations of spells on or off (just make it separate from "tactical view" switch).

If someone says animations are not causing any problems, that means he/she:
1. Has low lvl character or no-brainer class/playstyle. When you are newbie, you can use your 6-8 ap quite fast. Also, if you play as, for example, iop, you just walk to the target and click all you have;
2. Is not aware that action buffering present in game is useless when spell use is dependant on effect of previous spell (attack after push/pull/throw, changing target of attack when spell might or might not kill current target, receivig ap from devo/refund mark, targeting own summons)
3. Is one of these strange people who prefer easthetics over utility, even if utility is getting hurt very bad by easthetics.

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