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Oda's Project of Sugestions I

By AndersonMenezes - MEMBER - February 08, 2014, 23:45:43
Hi guys, i'm a brazillian player and i will share my ideas to turn the game nicer, i ask ur suggestions and opinions about mine ideas, i want the best to the game, and i know the devs have big problems to create usefull content without bugs, so now i will try cut out half problems, they just need to implement it without bugs XD

1st Problem: Map Balance - Emelka/Thicket of Yurbut
Everyone knows this 2 mapas have a bad balance, and even with hard work from government and nation members it still broken, and everyone gets less bonuses. Ppl tryed everything, put aracnes in dangerous species, to noone kill it, plant a lot of herbs to not have space to put seeds on floor, and still no salvation.

2nd Problem: Respect Quest - Jonk's One
It's nice have this quest to give us an option to reset characters without use scrolls, but we have a lot of problems linked to the choosen mobs. We have moskito wings that drops 2 from each monster while the toad tongue just drops from blue toad. As like, Ankama didn't direction on 'drop' pets to right mobs, scaras and bliblis are easy to get, or buy on market, while surimi or crackote isn't. We should got a fish(snapper) from sufokia, and a flower(dandelion) from amakna to water and earth. The chafer legs, turn brakma like have 2 dropable pets while other nations don't.

Oda's Suggestion: Integration.
After we get lvl 30 free respect i think we should get respect quest only after lvl 50, cause the game did turn with faster up, and this way we can put new drops on list, and maybe cut off the low lvl ones. My idea is to cut off scaras, bliblis, field plants and snappers from list, turn down the amount from 200 to 150 on toad, chafers, kokos and moskitos, and introduce 200 items from Trechnids, aracnes, moluskies, krala (or could be: 250/150), by this way we can have a auto fix on this maps by players which does respect quests, turning the game experience better to everyone.

About the pets, is too late to change, sadly, maybe when they create new pets, snappers and flowers get ur time to shiny, and maybe bonta gains a new pet to balance 2 dropables in each nation.

Now, 2 kamas for ur thoughts.
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