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Suggestion: more goals in "random" fights

By ThyHolyOverlord - MEMBER (+) - January 27, 2014, 19:19:52
For the people who played final fantasy tactics advance and fire emblem, i want to suggest we should get more different ways to complete a fight. Simply killing a every mob again and again and again is dull.

here are some other ways that could enrich wakfu's fights
  • Protect a citizen, let citizen reach a certain spot,
  • Protect an area, a building with treasure or a nest with baby tofu that needs to be kept safe from aggressive mobs
  • Destroy an area, a bridge that has to be destroyed, trees to be burned with fire spells, or "save" it by using water spells.
  • Reach a certain spot, during the wild estate quest you had to run in a cave to escape from a boulder. This could be further implemented like warning a officer thats at the other side of the battle to call in backup
  • Gather items during a fight, in some quests you have to gather items like wool, i think it could be more fun that this happens during a battle. In the example of the wool it could have worked in a way that the gobball will drop it the moment you attack it.
  • Survive xx turns, a fight that is really tough but you don't have to win, just survive! It could put your tanks in the spotlight.
  • Fight in fog, you don't know what happens, the bar at the side should disappear or at least not show the enemies on it and players can only see whats right next to it.
  • Open more chests during the fight than the other party, pirates, rogues, thiefs, why should they care about players when there is treasure right in front of them. Make it a race who gets the most chests!
  • Mobs fighting against other mobs, Skulln'Bones was talking about letting players fight in multiple groups, (2vs2vs2 ect) imaging fighting wabbits and suddenly lenalds attack to as a third party. If you attack both you get attacked by both parties at the same time. To survive this fights to need to clear one party before attacking the other. Or just be so OP that you can handle it.
  • Any mix of above biggrino
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I like all of these a lot!

Also Add: New monsters could come at you on the fight without a warning! Like if you attack a small wolf in the Sadida kingdom, after a couple of turn it has a chance of calling a larger wolf to aid him:
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