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Restructuring Wakfu's Economy

By Pakonitan January 17, 2014, 21:48:41
So. I've been thinking of different ways to earn kamas in the game and giving a user a better feeling of "purpose" while playing the game. It all comes down to these topics that will change Wakfu's economy as we know it...

1. Companies: Yes, I said it, companies. What other money monger, slightly twisted, scheming organization, has a better system of generating profit and community?

First, I propose a player have the ability to buy a building and start up his or her company on the trading bridges. I for one see all those craft buildings as rather redundant things that don't really serve much of a purpose by themselves, rather then appearance. To me, all the craft machines should be organized on the outside, similar to the outpost markets at the head of each nation, and all those houses should be put to a larger use then just appearance.

So moving on. I don't feel everyone should just buy up a house and that's that. It takes commitment and perseverance to maintain a company in real life, and it should be no less different on Wakfu. Thus, in order to start up a company and buy a house for the base, a player should first have his or her job: whether it be craft or gathering, maxed depending on the type of company they wish to create. That way, at least one person has the ability to gather all the materials they'll need in order to succeed. Such as having a plant shop: Herbalist, Farmer, and Lumberjack should be maxed. Next, of course they'll need to pay a fee for usage expenses and a property fee. How much the player needs to pay for all of this, I'll go into later.

Once everything is payed for and requirements are met. The player now becomes the boss of his or her company, and since it's unlikely they'll always be around to manage things, this means including a whole new job system for employees. The boss will be able to hire players to help run their company, and that will be up to the boss's discretion.

2. Landlords: What better way to handle company management outside the boss's power then to have one person at the reins? So I propose there to be a new landlord position for every trade bridge. The player that becomes the landlord must first pay a initial fee depending on what the governor decides it to be, and the player must be a citizen of that nation. ( Unlike the bosses of companies whom can come from any other nation.) The landlord must also pay extra daily, monthly, or annual fees that are up to the discretion of the governor once again to keep his or her position. Why must the landlord pay so many fees? Well, as the name suggests, a landlord will have discretion over all company building's living expenses and property fees, and all the money will go to him or her exclusively. So you can imagine how much a potential landlord can make if they manage their costs exceptionally, and encourage people to create their companies on their grounds.

3. Stock Market: For everyone else, there would now be a stock market of sorts, due to all these creations. Companies will from time to time, might need investors to help pay for their living expenses and property. So as a final step, any user will be able to pledge a certain amount of kama each day to any company, and these investors will earn a percentage off of the products that that company sells each day. So, if you pledge to a company that has potential, you could possibly become rich, and just like the stock market in real life, if the company suffers by not selling, you know the rest of the story. smile

Finishing off. With this system in place, we'll now have potential jobs for people to earn kamas instead of the burden of constantly grinding or farming the same things, a better community system in place for people to take advantage of the flow of people's interests, and overall, encouragement to visit the other nation's trade bridges for when companies fill up each trade bridge.

That's how I feel Wakfu's economy should become, if you have any suggestions or comments, just reply to this topic.
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