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Continuous follow option.

By Tragrim - MEMBER - January 14, 2014, 06:17:54
After entering combat you have to re-follow, which is quite annoying.

My suggestion is you automatically follow the target you were following before combat ensued.. saves a little bit of time and whatnot.
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this suggestion has more likes, thumbs, +1's, upvotes (whats the ankama equivalent? Dsmile than the rest of the forums
means is dope
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It makes sense in my mind, but it might be hard to implement I suppose.
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Yeah i'd really like to see it, without sounding whiny the current follow system is a little buggy. You'll suddenly stop following someone - and I'd like to be able to open tabs and chat while following, stopping only by clicking off the followed players path.
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Dofus has a pretty awesome dungeon system in place, it would be cool in Wakfu had a similar one as well!

The system in question is a dungeon teleport one, so one person can run to the dungeon, enter said dungeon and the rest of the group can be teleported in.

But let's get this follow system perfect first! Would make running 6 less painful.
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