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Nation Expansions!

By Niddhoggy - MEMBER - January 12, 2014, 23:37:49
Hello everybody!

I'd like to give one idea about expanding all four nations. Like most of you probably have noticed the nations have been restricted to level 50 content for a long time already, if you want to go fight stronger monsters you have to take a boat and arrive in another island.

Also, if they ever expand nations this means we can get more nation bonuses and increase the importance of politics in the game!

Nations are part of the old huge continent we had in Dofus, therefore I believe that it should be possible to have a bigger version than the one that is available right now.


  • Level 60 to 80: The Cania Plateau

Cania Mountains is an area known in Dofus for being hardly accessible. However, after the flood, the place was completely modified and became the Cania Plateau, a place inhabited by Blops and Plain Cracklers.
There you may find the Plateau Dungeon and the Legendary Crackler Dungeon.

  • Level 81 to 100: Cania Mines
This place is found deep in the Cania Plateau. There you may find new minerals and herbalist plants (mushrooms). The cave is inhabited by dark creatures such as Glowing Mush Mushes and other monsters of the Fungi Family.

  • Level 101 to 120: Koalak Jungle
The Koalak Mountain was flooded but part of it remains still and it's inhabited by dangerous creatures. There you may find wild Dragoturkeys and Koalaks.


  • Level 60 to 80: Crimson Archipelago
  • Level 81 to 100: Sidimote Undersea Mine
  • Lvel 101 to 120: Dreggon Marsh


This is just a thought, what do you guys think?
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I agree that they should add Fungi family monsters, but i will wait for them to revamp the classes first. Though i am unsure if those should be in bonta and not in Amakna.

I agree that it would be cool to have bigger nation maps. I always though Ankama goal in expanding lands was to create each nation in a shade of their coat of arms (the ground emerged and more of it appeared above the water).

As for koalaks i'd love them to see them too but i think they would fir more in Sufokia nation, since its the place where the only "mass of trees" is not a forest but jungle. +1 for another jungle there.

On side note i would like if they would add more monsters to Kokoko family as it contain only 3 type of creatures...
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Koalak Jungle is actually much closer to Brakmar geographically if you look at the Dofus map

and it can also have a sub area of the Koalak graveyard, which i'm pretty sure was floating in the air anyway so i don't think it would be underwater tongue

Since the dragon pig lair magically moved to Bonta ( other side of the world from where it was in Dofus) Bonta could get that pig island instead (A variation of the cross bow pig's or even the lousy pigs that were just outside of Astrub would be cool)

As for Sufokia, i think they should really keep on with the creation of new monsters and areas, as Sufokia has two species that don't exist in Dofus ( Sufokia not even really being a nation until Foggers came around anyway)

What i would really like to see is them bringing back the old skeleton graveyard that was part of Amakna. I loved that place. It had mini dungeons and vampires tongue 
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Honestly, there really is no need to expand the monster families in the nations. Nations are meant to be basic starting zones, not something that a person can level up to level 120 at. Plus, the point of the islands is to show how flooded the world is by Ogrest. Also, places like Koalak Mountain should be there own island, and not part of a nation. By further expanding, it would seem like the world is under control for the most part, and thus very little chaos. Certain zones should remain independent and not permanently under someone's flag. Going through a large portion of the gaming content that is permantly under a few nation flags also kills the sense of adventure. Who honestly wants to stay home? When people start out, they have dreams of discovering new never before seen lands. Your idea will kill the sense of adventure since people will be like "Oh, we are still in Bonta, meh". People want to visit various kings and queens, and see how each kingdom acts towards others.
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GodIsWithUs|2014-01-15 17:34:40
Who honestly wants to stay home? When people start out, they have dreams of discovering new never before seen lands. Your idea will kill the sense of adventure since people will be like "Oh, we are still in Bonta, meh".
This. I was so happy to get out of Bonta on my characters. The nations are so tame and boring, and even with new areas, I don't see this changing much.
New islands bring new adventure.
For me, every time i went to a new island, I was excited to explore it and try out the mobs and quests. I was even a bit scared going to some (See Monk Island and Forfut) where I was almost certain things would aggro me (they didn't).

If anything, they should add more questlines to the nations which don't have to do with politics.
Bring back some of the ones they removed ages ago as well. Currently, the game doesn't open up with quests and fun dungeons until level 90. Before that, it's getting leeched, or a solo grind in the same stale places with endless challenges, because unless you start with friends, you're not going to have people to run at-level dungeons with after level 20 until you reach 100+.
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