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Combat challenge Evolution

By JerryDB - MEMBER - November 26, 2013, 22:39:59
I have decided to re-think and expand the entire combat challenge system as an idea should be as great as possible with a secondary concern of what is technically possible.

Before I will go on I will explain what is the combat challenge system. These are challenges which appear only in combat and require specific actions to be completed and a reward is given. Some challenges are group challenges which require the whole group do follow a specific task, if one fails everyone fails some require simply as at least someone do X action. The problem is the proposed system is that some challenges last for the entire fight such as "Seismic \\ Never inflict air damage to an enemy: 25 Wisdom & PP". This means you have to constantly "do" the challenge. This a reduction of tactical game play imo which does against the whole concept of the challenges. Many of the challenges are not viable to be applied to such a deep tactical game.

The purpose of a combat challenge system is to add an extra layer of tactical game play.
My idea is that you get a challenge and there are two criteria a yes/no then a how much/how many/how long with an easy and difficult part . I will also try to illustrate how you can have optional challenges which can last an entire fight without reducing the tactical game play as severely and hopefully adding an extra layer but I will let you be the judges. I will also use the challenges I created as a better base for the system. The full list can be read here (pre-evolution).

Lets take my challenge crit city which requires the team to get critical hits.
For this example we will say that you have a team of five people and your team gets 10 crits.

Challenges results for Crit city did your team score a crit yes = +25 wis/pp
How many (crits) 10 (max) = +25 wis/pp.
Total = +50 wis/pp

So the beauty of this system is that the challenges evolves with the team and the game play, but at the same time offering a minimum/easy base to achieve. Which is aimed at both low levels and high levels as we may not have time to mess around to specifically max out on the challenge.

The other major advantage it can cover a multitude specifications and game play mechanics. Lets take a very specific game mechanic lock and the challenge perform two locks (monster dodge roll fail) within a fight , unless you specific put points into lock or wear lock equipment this challenge is difficult. As long as someone manages to locks then everyone wins this can be applied to all the other challenges I have created as well.

Using my system I feel team contribution is actually better recognised as I have tried to factor in classes and roles so not some generic nonsense. Beta challenge Nomad \\ Use all of your MP every turn (everyone): 50 Wisdom & PP lets say we wanted to keep this I would revise to. Nomad \\One character per turn must use all their MP making is a more viable challenge then you would work together as a team and decide who is going to run this turn.

The drawbacks like Ankama's challenges it can not assume classes or builds it also works better the bigger the group i.e. greater diversity however I spent a great deal of time thinking carefully about the combat challenges and making them as non-restrictive as I could think up.

I have grouped challenges into two categories solo and groups, a group to me is a team of two or larger.

I have purposely made the challenges minimum and maximum you could take it much further and do levels of difficulty depending on your levels, group levels, monsters group level, the in-game location but I am unaware of the technical restrictions so I will keep it nice and simple.

I have not listed all of my challenges as some would be to be re-worded & adapted for this new evolution. You may also notice you do not in my current system get more bonuses for having a bigger team again this is for simplicity. I didn't spent hours doing all the ins and outs and working out the perfect difficult balance for the challenges below they are to be used as examples to grasp the concept of the idea.

Team challenge ideas:-
  • Deadly Assassins- score two backstabs on the same enemy before it dies- minimum successful once 25 wis/pp & maximum twice 25 wis/pp.
  • Weapons are deadly-one member of a group must get the a killing blow on an enemy with a weapon, summons do not count- minimum successful once 25 wis/pp & maximum twice 25 wis/pp.
  • Wakfu burners- by the end of the fight use all Wakfu points.
  • Just in case- Everyone to have 1 Wakfu point or more at the end of the fight- minimum successful one team member 25 wis/pp & maximum 2-6 40 wis/pp.
  • Wakfu burners- by the end of the fight use all Wakfu points -minimum successful one team member 25 wis/pp & maximum 2-6 25 wis/pp.
  • Double team-hit the same target with two characters during the same turn -minimum successful one team member 25 wis/pp & maximum 2-6 25 wis/pp.
  • Let me get a hit- everyone must damage the boss once excluding reflect and summons dealing damage for you mimimum one person takes damage 25 wis/pp & maximum 2-6 25 wis/pp.
Individual challenge ideas possibly solo fights:-
    [*]Survivor- survive an enemies backstab attack - minimum one once
    25 wis/pp & maximum three times 25 wis/pp[*]No fear-stand in front facing a target minimum one turn
    25 wis/pp & maximum three turns 25 wis/pp
  • True Master of time- take less than 15 seconds on every turn for as long as you can -minimum first turn 40 wis/pp & maximum 40 wis/pp
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