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chat and forums.

By Manyfaces November 14, 2013, 05:15:05

Integrate a chat system in to the forums. tongue 

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That might be more trouble than it's worth.

Besides, you can chat in game, use Skype, or even use a chat for another site as long as the mods and others using it don't mind you talking about Wakfu or anything related to it.

If they do however make a chat for the forums, with how volatile some of the players can be, it won't last long. Though it might be interesting to see.

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Could you expand your idea.

As are you implying to make every single topic/post on the Wakfu forums readable in-game?

Or are you saying make them one, for example.

Lets take the recent orgine change, if you could comment live and it gets sent to the forums we can easily guess what people are going to say "**** you A*****!" and 99% of all servers would comment and possibly even multiple times.

The new moderators would have to spend hours moderating that topic alone let alone all the other thousands of new topics and lets be honest I do not think they are going to be enlightening topics.

I am opening myself up to criticisms however I firmly believe that quantity of what is said on the forums is of a greater quality of that what is said in game, yes we do see lots of flaming but that's nothing compared to what happens in-game. I also think some people actually put some thought into what they type on the forums.

I know myself in-game I make soo many spelling mistakes and people constantly make fun of me that's fine as its in-game or at the very least it happens less on the forums tongue.

I agree there should be some kind of public at least server specific chat that everyone can use which should be easily accessibly without having to download external programs like team speak etc. However it would need moderators.

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