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Double EXP days/weeks

By MereBytes November 13, 2013, 18:10:37
I'm just wondering why there hasn't been any Double EXP weeks since Krosmaster came to wakfu.
It would really motivate ppl to lvl and increase the amount of ppl online during those times.
Doesn't have to be just exp but prospecting, prof exp, double harvest etc.
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Because leveling and drops/equips is all wakfu has..
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But that would mean faster progress! Which Ankama would make out as people unsubbing more! Everything has to be extremely slow and arduous so people will keep subbing to get that one level!

Considering how very protective they are of their Mea Culpa supplies...
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I completely agree with the level cap exp requirements so high I am not sure if it would be possible to go from level 100 to level 140 in 2 days with double exp.

I would also like to see double drop rate weekends.

4 double exp & 4 drop rate per year sounds like a decent amount.

You know if enough people commented in support on this topic it would give Troyle/Sabi greater leverage when talking with Team Wakfu as opposed to a few people commenting with mixed opinions.
Such with original prices for for blueprints were around 6 euros each. Before you say its impossible lets give it a go.
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