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Make Crafting faster pls

By MereBytes October 28, 2013, 21:00:15
I understand that gathering, wood cutting, mining etc. takes time but why oh why does crafting/minting have to take forever.
Pls make crafting faster or get rid of the waiting time entirely.
Or is there some higher purpose on the waiting time other than make us make a frowny face while watching the grass grow? mellow 
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Leveling crafting and crafting in general is so unbelievably slow and such a hassle, I've never found any as boring as this. I'm usually all for crafting but here... Eugh, I agree it should be a liiittle less of such a darn pain
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I totally agree with this. It takes ages to make like 200+ crafts at once...
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I would argue that it does add a little bit of realism. Or do you believe that putting together a piece of furniture should honestly be a lot faster than cutting down the tree? What are you harvesting from those trees? Ikia sets? wink 
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And you think doing nothing at your computer while watching your toon make your planks or whatever for hours isn't a waste of time? Atleast when you gather stuff it's something you're doing to get smthg and you're playing.
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I think all repetitive tasks that require your presence should go. It should take a lot of time(while you can play as other character, or browse web, or whatever) but require good strategy.
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As in: outsourcing the production of your goods?

Technically, that could work: have an option to pay the NPC workshop master X amount of Kamas to build the product that you want. You deliver the materials and the Kamas, he spends the time making the product(s).

That could work. The only thing that would change for us players, is that it would give us time to do other things while the stuff is being made. Doesn't sound like it would make things 'broken'. Interesting!

Of course, you could already try to do something similar with the player market: simply buy the stuff that you need, or commission someone to make it for you. But it'd be cool if you could also outsource to an NPC.
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Kaitenzushi|2013-11-14 08:35:51
Technically, that could work: have an option to pay the NPC workshop master X amount of Kamas to build the product that you want.

This is a good idea, BUT I think it goes against the concept of "less interaction with NPC and more with players" that ankama seems has about this game. Speaking of me that's one of the main reasons I started to play Wakfu.

About the crafting time, don't know, it seems just right to me, and I crafted some s***t since I have two 100 crafting professions.
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