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Hordes and regular challenges should be separate events.

By Ekmidenisi - MEMBER - June 19, 2013, 06:20:21
Just about every area in the game has some kinds of challenges that pop up regularly, like the challenge "Kill 5 Gobball War Chiefs" that appears in beginner areas.

Challenges are a great way for players to earn experience, whether the player is solo or in a group.

When an area's ecosystem is perfectly balanced, a special "horde" challenge may appear. A horde challenge lasts for 2 hours and ends once every horde in the area is killed.

I do like the idea of hordes. Having special groups appear with special drops as a reward for keeping an area's ecosystem balanced is perfectly fine, but hordes should not stop regular challenges from appearing.

The situation might be different on more populated servers like Aerafal, but on a server like Nox, hordes are mostly a nuisance. There aren't enough people around willing to form a group to kill a horde, and it's even more difficult to get a group willing to kill every horde in the area. Most of the time, the only way to get the regular challenges to appear again is to wait for the entire 2 hours for the horde to disappear. Even then, the horde challenges might reappear after just a couple of the normal challenges have gone by.

There have been times when I've wanted to ruin an ecosystem just to stop hordes from showing up and stopping the regular challenges, which kind of defeats the purpose of hordes. (I think hordes were meant to reward players that kept an ecosystem balanced, not punish them!)

Hordes and challenges should be made separate events, so regular challenges still appear even while a horde challenge is going. I don't think "I want to ruin the ecosystem so hordes don't show up" should ever cross a player's mind!
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+1 great idea biggrin 
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Holy crap, hordes are most annoying thing when you're leveling a character. I'm going to say mostly the same as OP, but let it be~
Let's take a situation when you hanging up at Sadida or Forfut or whatnot. Your aim is make a good exp on challenges. I was never expecting to act like this, but now i'm trying to prevent CM of being fully satisfied, just because it will trigger a horde challenge. I speak about islands now, not nations ofc. :p
When this challenge appears, there might be no people wishing to fight hordes. And then an island becomes useless for almost 2 hours.
So i'd be very happy if hordes will become a kind of another event, and not interrupt the common challenges.

Since we're speaking about hordes there, also i wanna suggest to add more interesting drops. Personally, i liiike Forfut hordes, it's fun. BUT enuiop like me won't rush into a battle which is able to reward you only with cassel helm or usual drops from zombies. Same with all other hordes. Make at least three types of equipment which they can drop. Really, please do something with hordes' rewards, it's boring and not worthy to do now.
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Yes. Dear Gods, yes.
Hordes are a very annoying feature when you don't have an xp group and want some xp from challenges.
And 2 hours of them, too!
Just a bad design.
They were neat and interesting at first but now they don't even pay well for defeating them all.
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