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Suggestion to Improve the Guild System

By Niddhoggy - MEMBER - May 06, 2013, 03:19:11
I don't think that it is only me that feels forced to wear a guild insignia just because of it's bonuses, while all other insignia gives nothing special besides appearance. My suggestion brings a more rewarding ranking system as well as the possibility of wearing other insignia without losing the guild bonus.

The idea is simple, the guild managers are able to select specific bonuses related to the ranks they have created. The quantity and intensity of bonuses that a single rank can get depends on the level of a guild.

Guild Chest:
  • Gains a special personal window, in order to be able to share items between chars. If the person is kicked out from the guild all items are sent to inventory. The window has 10 slots.

Basic rules:
  • First 'Bonus Slot' is acquired at level 10.
  • Second 'Bonus Slot' is acquired at level 20.
  • It's not possible to stack bonuses, like 2x water damage.

Bonuses (based on guild level).

  • Water Damage: +1% per level.
  • Fire Damage: +1% per level.
  • Earth Damage: +1% per level.
  • Air Damage: +1% per level.
  • General Damage: +0.5% per level.
  • Critical Hit Damage: +1% per level.
  • Critical Hits: +1% every 10 levels.
  • HP: +2 HP per level.
  • Air Resistance: +1% per level.
  • Earth Resistance: +1% per level.
  • Fire Resistance: +1% per level.
  • Water Resistance: +1% per level.
  • General Resistance +0.5% per level.
  • Prospecting: +1 per level.
  • Initiative: +1 per level.
  • Dodge: +1 per level.
  • Lock: +1 per level.
  • Profession Speed: +1% per level.
  • +% Ore Harvest: +1% per level.
  • Profession Experience Bonus: +0.5% per level.
  • Wisdom: +1 per level.

Example of ranks that can be created at level 20:

Treasurer: +20 Prospecting, +20% Ore Harvest.
Pyromancer: +20% Fire Damage, +20% Resitance.
Knight: +40 HP, +10% Resistance.
Barkcritter: +2% CH, +20% CH damage.
Leech: +20 Wisdom, +10% Resistance.

Rank names would appear after the title when you pass the cursor over someone's name.

That's it. Thanks for reading.

- Pangea 
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That would be awesome for my guild because i reward members with their own unique ranks/subfactions.
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Why not just separate the guild bonuses from the guild insignias? It's cool to see a bunch of guild members all in their guild colors but, really, I much prefer to see a variety of unique appearance.
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