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[Master Spells] - Suggestion

By Niddhoggy - MEMBER - March 07, 2013, 00:11:58
It's been one year since Wakfu was released and the level cap is slowly rising towards 200. I'm afraid that the game may become just another Dofus, a place where you grind to 200 just to use new items and PvP, yet there are no new abilities or spells that could improve our gameplay. I know that it could provoke some kind of massive unbalancing, more than we already have. This is why that such addition should only happen after all the 15 classes are close to be balanced, as 100% balanced they will never be.

My idea is based in adding not many new spells as the more spells we have, more unbalanced classes become. We need just a few more spells, at least two for each elementary tree, and they would level in a different way than the usual spells.

The new support abilities, on the other hand, would work the same way as the ones we learn under level 100. However, they are learned in specific levels after 100.

New Support Abilities

Since level 200 we have enough points to max all of our support abilities, I'd like to see more of them being added after level 100, in order to avoid identical builds.

At level 200 we have 995 ability points, enough to distribute them on 10 active support spells or 9 passive spells, or 4 active and 5 passive, more than enough to max all support skills. My idea is to prevent this from happening.

Now: 5 Active 5 Passive
After: 8 Active 8 Passive

The new spells are learned in the following order:

  • 105: Active
  • 110: Passive
  • 120: Active
  • 130: Passive
  • 155: Active
  • 180: Passive

This is indeed interesting both for players and Ankama as it motivates them to pay for the game and level to learn new abilities. I'm going to suggest some personal ideas for some classes that I have experience, in order to create a better perspective of what It would be like.

Enutrof, 105, Fissure

The Enutrof is able to create a fissure on the ground and reduce the MP of enemies that crosses it.

3(1) AP, 1 MP, 2(5) range. Doesn’t require line of sight, fixed range.
Creates a fissure (1 turn): -2 MP

Enutrof, 110, Greed

Gives a chance of dropping big pouches instead of small ones.

+0(60)% chance

Rogue, 105, Powder

Powder is capable of extending the area of effect of bomb explosions to 2 cells (cross) when touched by an explosion effect. If cast on a bomb, it gains % damage.

2 AP, 1 MP, 2(6) range, fixed. Needs line of sight.
+0(25)% Damage if used on a bomb (stacks)
Extends area of effect by 2 cells (cross)

Rogue, 110, Stagger

Shots have a chance of pushing back enemies on a critical hit.

+0(40)% chance of pushing back an enemy on a critical hit.

Eniripsa, 105, Word of Altruism

Heals everyone in a fight (allies and enemies) and stuns the caster, making it lose the next turn.

1 WP, 6(2) AP, 0 range.
Heals 5(25) % HP (everyone).

Eniripsa, 110, Regenerative Aura

Heals allies and reduces their healing resistance at the start of every turn. (Eni included)

Heals 0(3) % HP.
-1% Healing Resistance 0(100) % chance.
-1% Healing Resistance 0(50) % chance.
-1% Healing Resistance 0(25) % chance.

Chances cannot be increased by Willpower.

The Mastery Spells

Mastery spells are learned right after you reach level 100, they don’t need points to be trained but their levels are based on the average level of your elementary spells. There are two kinds of mastery spells, Hybrid and Pure.

Hybrid Mastery Spells

Their level is based on the average levels of your two highest elementary spells of two branches. You have 3 HMS per class.


Enutrof, Geyser

Geyser deals water and fire damage to a target but can only be cast on a mine. It has an area of effect of one cell (cross).

5 AP, 2-4 Range, Linear. Doesn’t require line of sight. Modifiable.

Deals 4(50) (fire)
Deals 4(50) (water)
Pushes back 1 square

Rogue, Gunblade

The rogue deals a devastating blow in close combat and on critical hits he deals additional earth damage (of which can be triggered by Surprise Shot) by turning his blade into a gun. Finishes the turn in the left diagonal cell to the enemy.

1 Range, 6 AP, 1 WP, 1 MP.

Deals 9(110) Air Damage
Critical: Deals 5(70) Earth Damage, Deals 9(110) Air Damage
Finishes the turn in the left Diagonal cell.

Masqueraider, Bipolarity

This spell can only be cast under Coward or Psychopathic mask. It deals water damage under the psychopathic mask effect and fire damage under the Coward mask effect.

Coward: 6 range, diagonal. Perpendicular area of effect of size 1. 4 AP.
Deals 3(40) Fire damage, -1 range.
Psycopathic: 1 range, costs 3AP, Steals 3(26) HP (water).

The Mastery Elemental Spells

The mastery elementary spells are normal spells of which levels are based on the average level of all elementary spells of the branch in question.

Enutrof, Shovel Slap

Deals high earth damage to a diagonal enemy and pushes him to side several cells.

5 AP, 2 MP, 1 range (fixed) Diagonal.

Deals 8(92) (Earth)
Pushes 2 Cells away to the sides.

That is it, these are just some thoughts. The examples are mainly to understand how Hybrid spells work, since they’re what is new.

My main objective is to show you that it would be possible to learn more spells after level 100 smile


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+1 for this idea tongue

i have always thought about adding in additional passives and support spells to make the game a bit more strategic.

Though i think the option to improve current spells should also be an option once you get them to 100. This would entail bringing the spell back down to lvl 0 with maybe 50% of current damage with an additional affect or maybe just a damage boost considering your play style.

Something like giving air srams the ability to poison enemies along with their damage after they master the basic spell

choosing the added feature will keep the spell's damage cap the same
choosing the damage boost you get an additional 0.5 of max damage added(essentially makes all hits criticals)

this will also create a lot of diversity, along with new spells you suggested you'll find a much more diversity of players at end game
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Love the idea, and the effort you put into your examples. I would live to see something like this implemented. I understand how much more work this would be for an amazing... But I think the results would be more than worth it.
Score : 8716
Very interesting, hope it will be noticed ^^
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