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[Eng/fr] Rivalry Family

By Little-Rivalry#5445 - MEMBER - January 22, 2023, 10:22:21

We are new guild, our goal is to have fun while exploring Wakfu's world  and also to build something.
We are looking forward helping each other but we are in need of new members to have a good presence rate.
Right now, we don't have much bonuses, however we succeed at getting every weekly guild points.
If you are interested in joining here's my discord : Little Rival#6961
By the way, we are willing to create a discord server when there'll be enough members to maintain contact, with events and other things.
Whatever is your decision, have fun playing the game.

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Hi. I'm interested in joining your guild. I've taken the liberty to add you on Discord. 
I play a new character that's named Colombe Hiena (Masqueraider* currently lvl 54). I'm a solo player and typically do quests and jobs. I don't check the forum often so if you need to contact me, either do via my discord or in game !

In any cases, have a nice day

Edit : I found another guild in the meantime. Thanks nonetheless.

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Hi, I'm also interested in joining your guild. I'm still relatively new to the game even though I've been off and on when it comes to playing and starting over for years. I figured a good way to become less of a solo player would be to join a guild and have people to actually play with. My character is Onusiris (lv 26 Osamodas). I've sent you a friend request on discord (VastoKing), you can message me either in game or on discord about this, thanks.

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