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[English] [Rubilax] Twilight Traders recruiting

By SSilvertongue#1348 - MEMBER - June 23, 2022, 18:10:59

New(ish) guild, level 4 already and still climbing. Looking for faces fresh and old, and levels of all ranges. We're primarily a crafting and social guild, but we tend to branch out at least a bit in all fields. As the title says, we primarily speak english, but we also have a russian (русский) and a hungarian (magyar) speaker as well. Lastly, we also have a discord set up that is growing along with our guild!

If you're interested, feel free to message one of us in game, or send a message in discord to Firegem#0342

See you soon!
Hadar & Dara Uva, Nymity
(Hadar-Uva, Dara-Uva)

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